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Cetus/Fortuna Bounty Rotations Suggestion


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Stagger bounty rotations between Fortuna and Cetus?

I noticed two things while waiting for a chance to farm Axi A5 relics.

  • Two B rotations happened back to back. I'm guessing rewards rotate through A-A-B-B. So a wait of up to 5 hours if you need a relic that's not currently dropping. Or 10 hours if there are C rotations.
  • Cetus and Fortuna rotations seem to be in lock-step. They switched rotations at the same time.

By staggering bounties one rotation, they become AB, AA, BA, BB. 50% of the time there's a 2.5 hour wait. 50% of the time there's no wait, but you may have to go to a different planet.

I can see a business case for not wanting to do this.

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