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Loot stealing (forced mission abort on success) bugs...


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I have have just run into a loot stealing bug... Third time... Today...
1. On alert, grineer galeon tilset (saturn) did not spawn exit. Success part of mission credits(lotus speach) triggered, extraction part did not, nor did the icon appear (for everyone involved) - and after going through entire area - which took quite some time (right hand labirynt traversal rule) no exit room was present.
2. After beating Vay Hek, exit was still locked (blocked by the water flow).
3. On uranus's potatoe alert, as I was swimming toward the exit, screen turned black. just like that. Everything else worked including menus, controlls and audible feedback from shooting things - simply anything beside HUD went black, after playing with the video options (enabling vsync resulted in weird reversed falling blink) only choosing to abort fixed entire thing.

Come on... Warframe is a grindy game already, and loosing effort of past few hours after already succeding, is a really #$%^&* thing to happen.

I assume (and hope) this is not intended to incentify alternative "means of procurement" because, that is quite not the effect it will have on me 😑

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