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Complete new PvP system


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Hi, first of all I want to apology becouse my English is not good enough to explain all I would like to express, also I will try to keep it simple

PvP as shooter (cs style) doesnt fit really good in Warframe. In my opinion, this game is more close to a MMORPG, so based on this, a PvP system of open world with a base capture could be really interesting and take advantage of guilds+ally potential, heres my Idea.


Open channels of open world maps (Cetus, fortuna for now..) without monsters (this will make more easy to program and requiere less PC resources),but just with places to farm like fishing, mining, hunting... and with PvP, to make it more confortable,channels would be limited in slots and with difference lvl ranges as requirement. The point of this "special" farm in pvp map is to get resources for craft a kind of key that give you the possibility to join a weekly war with ur guild and ally to fight for the capture of a base in the open world pvp map so the guild and ally that get the base, they will be the "defenders" (they will get any special resourses during the week till the next war, depending of the lvl range war) while there will be a lot of different guilds attackers that can make new allys to unthrone the defenders.

This is just an a global idea that can be expand in different ways, depending of the needs of players and Warframe developer resources, I would like to consider the following points:

- PvP has to be an optional way to get resources, not a required way to get something, so everyone PvE and PvP players can get farm in different ways
- PvP maps needs lvl range requirements and limited slots, to stop power abuses
- Key for register weekly war has to be difficult so every guild member needs to farm resources to craft it, and since there will be need new servers to stand the war, would be fair to sell the key for platinum to support this.
- There will be different wars depending of lvl range or guild lvl so everyone can has possibilities, just make a great ally!


I think that this could be a great endgame too, and Its open to a universe of new ideas so go on and give urs 🙂




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