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Items picked up on K-Drive are not kept. Repro steps inside


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I noticed a post on the subreddit earlier today about a potentially related bug where the host entering K-Drive would reset the credit counter on certain Orb Vallis bounties. If it's no trouble, I'd like to tag @[DE]Marcus as he was mentioned in the post and now that he is aware of the issue, I think I have some insight to provide.


When you hop onto K-Drive, you seem to become a separate entity with its own inventory. Items you pick up while on K-Drive will be lost upon exiting K-Drive.


This is easily testable and reproducible by taking advantage of some convenient spore spawns near Fortuna's entrance.

Repro steps:

  1. Enter the Orb Vallis and turn to your immediate left for some fast Gorgaricus & Mytocardia spore spawns opposite to the large pipe
  2. Destroy some Gorgaricus Sacs and some Mytocardia Sacs without looting their drops
  3. Pick up the drops from one variety of spore and check your mission progress to see what you've got
  4. Hop into K-Drive and check your item rewards. The list will be completely empty. That's because entering K-Drive appears to treat you as a separate entity, creating a new instance of your item rewards. This may be related to the same bug that happened with Operators post-TWW.
  5. Pick up other spores on K-Drive. Check your item rewards.
  6. Exit K-Drive. Note that you will only have the spores from the on-foot pickup and not the K-Drive pickup.
  7. If you mount your K-Drive again, one of two things will happen.
    1. If you mount the same K-Drive and check your mission progress, you will see the same spores you obtained earlier while on K-Drive in your item rewards.
    2. If you summon a new K-Drive and check your mission progress, you will see no item rewards. The item rewards seem to be tied to the K-Drive and creating a new instance of your K-Drive creates a new, blank instance of your item rewards.


I double checked, and this bug is not purely visual. I took note of my spore count before and after this experiment, and I did not keep any spores obtained while on K-Drive.

I believe this bug has been reported here a few times, but people were not very specific about the extent of the issue- they thought it was only affecting Cetus Wisps, credits, etc.

Hope you guys can get to the bottom of this, thanks for your time.

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