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In regards to Twitch Prime and Nintendo Switch



So I tried to play Warframe when it first came out on PC for a few hours, but my PC is garbage and I haven't prioritized getting a new one yet. I do have a Switch now and the Twitch Prime bonuses claimed, but cannot get Warframe to boot up properly on my POS PC to migrate it over to the Switch. Any ideas on how to do this on my own?
Also apologies if this isn't in the correct Sub-forum I'm new here and a bit unfamiliar.

So I tried to migrate it anyway and nothing, none of the frames or weapons from Twitch Prime and as notified all my progress on the Switch thus far has overwritten, about 20 hours. Since I could only do this once and it is irreversible, My switch file is now like garbage to me as well now. Shame I want to play this game, guess I might in a few years when I have a decent PC to run it because I'm not playing it anymore.

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