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Mech Empower + Status Self Damage/Kill


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Currently using any one or more of the Mech Empowered sets on enemies above Lv.50 or so with enough gas damage on a weapon has a good (though not guaranteed) chance to inflict the damage/proc on your frame/companion as well as the enemies. This generally causing an instant down-state.

So far I have tested it with various set-ups and the following seems to be true regarding the issue:

- The weapon doesn't matter much, though the Lanka and Silva and Aegis Prime are good candidates for reproducing the issue. (Tested with Lanka, S&A, Falcor)

- How many (or which) mech set mods don't matter though more makes testing easier. (Tested with all 4 active, only kubrow, only frame, only a single, etc)

- Which frame is used does not matter (Tested with Limbo, Frost, Nezha)

My current set up for easiest reproducing:

- S&A Prime, no mods other than Final Harbinger, Prime Point Strike, Primed Fever Strike (Max rank on all) No other weapons equipped.

- Any Frame, Any Kubrow(Tested with Raksa, L30, 9 Forma), Full set of Mecha Installed, no other mods. 

- Vazarin Focus equipped, unused.

-Spawn 8x Corrupted Heavy Gunner, Lv50 (Pause AI on, other options left off)

- Approach, wait for mark and kill the marked target. Channeling will make this faster/seemingly more common but it not necessary to cause the issue.(Tested)

This seems to cause the issue quite frequently, though not always. The proc rate of the statuses/time taken may be relevant here - it seems much more common when the enemy dies within 3 hits than not.

I do have a video capture of the issue and loadout but dont know a good place to upload it/if that helps.

( P.S. : So far I have only been able to to reproduce this bug in the simulacrum, it may or may not extend outside that arena but is difficult to fully test elsewhere.)

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