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Early warframe experience


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Warframe has a problem with the characters in game. New players find it difficult as the game, struggles to eplain to them, but DE could easily fix this.

Lotus, ordis and darvo.

On finishing vors prize switch wf gave a lotus message that explained the games basics, this is a problem.  

Lotus is suppose to be a guide, yet she doesn't even mention the codex. Lotus should be, there to help the tenno, she should be given a prompt to explain what the tenno will encounter, for example: 

When vors prize is complete, you aren't told about the injustices the grineer have done lotus could have a simple dialogue line were she directs you to freeing the planet of the faction control or advise to go to the open world or junction. She could also be used to explain where a resource can be found and how to get there (junctions). 

Ordis is the ship cephalon, he is suppose to aid the tenno, I understand that he has memory issues but he should be able to help with modding, he should have a designated button where he explains the mod, or the stats. He could also take you to the codex, so you can see all he knows then he could suggest that They will need o complete the codex using a scanner, but says he doesn't have one. Where lotus can direct you to cetus to look for one.

Darvo is the market dealer the market should show his shop in the relay, he should explain have all the tabs of the market place open so that he the tenno can see all the categories to look for, they could even run the gimmick of him suggesting blueprints as him stealing or offering a new deal.


I was playing, switch warframe as a noob and I realised, warframe is extremely boring due to its lack of difficulty.

This problem only persists because of endo and broken mods. Playing through majority of earth and Venus and I have only ranked up 2 broken mods, this needs to be fixed, new players can' fight enemies at higher level as basic nodes want You to gain broken mods that are just bad, and for a miniscule endo reward. I know it' the beginning of the game, but warframe needs to fix this, if they want to keep players.

Endo drops should be a min of 50 just because new players will need hundreds to rank up mods. Now for broken mods, DE could do two things:

Remove them completely.


Give all broken mods from the start.

These options remove the useless mods from the drops, making it easier for new players to become stronger to face higher level enemies.

If DE did this they could effectively increase the difficulty of the whole game, since noobs will be better equipped to learn and fight bigger battles, for example, fortuna, early release wouldn't be such a pain for noobs to work up to if they were able to attain better mods.


I feel DE could integrate quests better for example cetus:

It' pretty much dead but some quests can be moved there, and characters need to be fleshed out,

Konzu and gara quest is fine.

The bird man should have the kubrow quest, they could just play off like he hasn't seen a tamed kubrow type, and wants us to help him

The Fisher woman needs to have a quest to explain why there is that wierd beached thing in the bottom left of cetus.

I feel you should encourage frame fighter, he may not trust you to wield his weapons and he tests you saying his weapons are to strong for you, giving you the opportunity to fight cetus people/warriors for rep as a game mode.

I also feel like some npc's should be able to ask or 1 mission bounties or to get a fish or mineral for them to sell.

Nakak should just have all cosmetics

Warframes and planets

Warframe wants to have diversity in-game yet to build the warframe rhino( who is on venus) requires plastids and control modules, which can' be required on his planet. This feels like a design flaw, why does it take planets like phobos which would be like the 5th planet to build a warframe on venus, and the alternative is cetus, cetus should be developing mods for the warframe and weapons as noobs will try make zaw's and get stronger.

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Yep, Warframe has serious story telling problems in early game. Prime parts are introduced in the form of some joke. The orokin aren't introduced at all, and you sort of just unlock the void uncerimoneusly. The sentients are supposed to be a mysterious faction introduced in Uranus and the Natah quest, but they are just tossed into PoE without any explanation of what they are.

In my opinion every mechanic and every piece of lore should have a quest dedicated to it.

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Very well written tenno....as a veteran that has recently started an alt account so to better understand the games early game experiance I couldn't aggree more. The level of early game training and guide is lacking. [DE] is aware of this short coming as they even place Guides of the Lotus in early game relays to try and help new players but even that is a chance meeting. I don't know how many times I have met a new player that I fully explained modding to and the instantly got excited about heading back to the battlefield to try out all their gear again. If they took time to explain things better I think alot of the early game player base would be alot more intent on sticking around.

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