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Gara's Ult + Ability bug(s)


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Hi All,

I recently picked up Gara and love her play style. The problem is maybe 50-60% of the time, her Ultimate(Mass Vitrify) does not reset the counter on her 2(Splinter Storm) and then a plethora of other bugs occur. When Ult is casted, it consumes energy, doesn't reset SS, doesn't work as a damage protection, but works as a block, 1(Lance) CANNOT break her Ults wall at ANY distance whether outside or in. I've seen this happen from 563 energy down to 0 which is roughly 10 - 11 casts and not a single one would reset my 2(SS). While you can argue bad RNG, this almost seems game breaking for Gara as I myself have lost 100-400k dmg stacks on my 2(SS) multiple times in higher level survivals.

Has this occurred for anyone else? Any idea for a fix?

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This bug has been around for many many months and appears to be caused by latency between the host and yourself.

The fix on your end, at least for me, is to cast MV for longer until you physically see the SS refresh. I was casting MV and pressing again to make a tiny radius.

I still think the bug should be fixed, really shouldn't be that hard to fix either =/

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