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Weird idea for Nyx Chaos (possibly the best/worst i can think of)


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Suggestion number 1,


Chaos now has 4 set of abilities in one.

Pressing the key will scroll each ability. Any target that has been affected by previous micro ability will rebuff with the new one, hence commanding them as you please even if they are outside of range of the Chaos.


Ability 1, Aggression


Aggression is the normal chaos state where any affected target will try to kill each other.


Ability 2, Protect


Defend is the Nekros' Shadow of the Dead style. Affected target now become allies and will attack any enemies that hostile to players.


Ability 3, Transfer


Transfer is a production ability. Similar to Dig mod of kubrow, it 100% force enemies to drop ammo. Killing the target within the duration will spawn health orb.


Ability 4, Pacifist


Pacifist prevent any affected target to attack and will stay in panic status effect.


Suggestion 2,


Any of the micro skill above can be augment mods to the Chaos skill.


Suggestion 3,


Chaos now gain Mind Freak augment and affected target now become allies.


Suggestion 4,


Chaos target now become Eximus level when affected.


Suggestion 5,


Mind Control can be cast on multiple targets and they can gain Eximus power.


Suggestion 6,


Passive now change into Elemental Eximus.


Energy colour now determine Eximus type (Chroma shouldve get this for his Effigy LOL)


Red - Arson Eximus


Blue - Disruptor Eximus


White - Arctic Eximus


Green - Venomous Eximus


When Absorb is discharge, the chosen elemental will burst its AOE blast. Accumulated damage can increase the elemental damage.


Suggestion 7,


Nyx Absorb when activate, create invulnerability to allies and their companions for 5 seconds.

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