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a Gara story with a happy ending


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I recently submitted a support ticket, which was resolved in a way that made me happy. I'm sharing it here because

- support guy David from DE asked me to share it here so the devs could read it and

- to let folks know how responsive, kind, and awesome DE support can be. 

Basically - 

I originally obtained the Gara blueprint by completing the Saya's Vigil quest, early on in my Warframe history. I then read many articles that described how difficult it was for a beginning player to complete all of the bounties required to get her parts, and how much mining/grinding was needed to gather the resources. I became discouraged.

I cannot remember what happened next, but I suspect that - in my frustration - I made the mistake of selling the Gara blueprint. Maybe I just didn't want it taunting me every time I opened my foundry and looked at it. I fully acknowledge that this was my mistake. However, at the time I did not know that
1) the Gara blueprint cannot be purchased from the Market for in-game credits (i.e. without plat)
2) the Gara blueprint cannot be acquired by completing the Saya's Vigil quest a 2nd time and
2) non-prime blueprints cannot be traded or bartered between players.

I honestly did not understand the consequences of my actions, and would not learn about them until much later.

Now that I am a lvl 9 (almost 10) player, I found it much easier to complete the Cetus bounties. So while I was grinding for Breath of Eidolon trying to get various Zaw parts, I ended up getting all the Gara parts. And since I'd been mining for various Zaw parts as well, I also ended up with almost all the resources I needed to craft her!

It was then that I looked into my foundry and - to my great surprise and alarm - realized that I no longer had the blueprint.

I wrote a polite letter to DE support saying that - if only there had been some sort WARNING attached when one sold this bp - saying that there's no other way to acquire it once it is sold. Or if only there were a way to re-obtain it through some other quest or in-game mechanism. As it was - the fun and anticipation I felt when I thought I was *this close* to getting the Gara frame by playing the game has turned to bitter regret, and has left a bad taste in my mouth.

The happy ending is that DE support said they would replace the Gara bp in my inventory because "I had never crafted her". I went from the bitter regret of defeat to the thrill of victory in one swift email :)


But yeah, the bottom line take away is that there should be SOME kind of warning to beginning players not to sell that blueprint, because once you lose it, there's no way to re-acquire it. Alternately, there should be some other, perhaps more difficult way to re-acquire it later on - perhaps another Cetus bounty or something?

Anyway, I wanted to thank David and follow up by posting the issue for the devs. 


thanks again



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Nice. However, there are items which aren't sellable, tradable or whatnot.. so these tags exist. So it's DEs design fault at some degree as well. Many factors are included here... like the fact that your real teacher is the playerbase or the wiki.

That said, even though DE had proven kind and understanding in the past and present, but we/you wouldn't have to praise if they had tagged the items properly and avoided the whole mess from the first place.

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