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Can Not Claim Weapons From Foundry:no Free Space In Inventory


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Just wanted to say that when i want to claim weapons from foundry its says"can not claim:no free space in inventory"or something like that...Anyway i did go to Arsenal and take a look at my inventory slots for weapons and i saw 3 free slots and 5 had weapons.I didnt know what is the problem so i deleted some weapons that i didnt like that much still the same i have 4 open slots for weapons and still can't claim weapons from foundry.I think this is some kind of bug,but if it's not can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

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yea im having same trouble



i have the same problem too D: and sent a ticket sometime ago ,so i am just waiting Q_Q

Well if someone has this bug.Just write support ticket thay will fix it in two days.Thay did for me.I think it was some little patch or something....not sure.

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