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So ... after a long pause


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I dove into warframe again

I often have huge pauses (3months to 1year) between warframe frenzies. But this time, once I've downloaded the game again, the game seemed quite blurry. Specially the particules effects, particules are quite fat, where as I remember them to be quite thin and ponctual.
I've always played with depth of field, bloom and all that fancyness that one would turn off on a competitive environement, but it dosnt seem to be the kind of blurryness that I experience. I've tried to turn off AA, wich makes it better (obviously more blocky but better). And yet the particules effect still seems fat to me. The thing is that I've been playing some rpg-like instances based shooter that was free recently and kind of ressembles warframe but not really and it's hard to tell if I just got used to a different style and the game seems odd bcz I havent played it in a while, or if there is actually something wrong to troubleshoot with the game

I would happyli experiment with dynamic resolution (DSR) factors, but strangely enough, the game only takes lower than 1 DSR (on the game GUI at least). Why ? Is there any plans to changing it ?

Also, if I remember correctly, warframe started playing quite early with phisX when it was a thing, any plans on RTX ? Because as much as I like reflexions in the game, they do are wierd on many spots

TL;DR: After all this randomness, you may be wondering why in the world I'm talking abot all of this, well, I want to know if you have any recomendations for the best looking settings to your personal preferences, thanks

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hmm. if you're referring to Particles from impacts and Abilities (small 'clouds' of individual points of light moving around), Warframe does use a custom implementation of these Particles rather than PhysX realtime collision particles - are we referring to that? because the custom implementation does have larger individual particle sizes than PhysX did.


for the entire frame being 'blurry' - uhh, do you have Dynamic Resolution enabled? actually come to think of it you might be confusing Dynamic Resolution with Nvidia DSR - these are kind of similar but still quite different from each other.
a matter of a difference between changing the internal Resolution and then scaling that afterwards before pushing it out to be displayed, or changing the output resolution and scaling it when displaying it. i know it sounds like the same thing but it produces different results.
but anyways, Dynamic Resolution being enabled is one possibility.

are you running at the correct Resolution?
it's hard to guess what's off with only just a mention of something being off, though. game looks normal to me so idk from just the given information.

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For me personally, enabling DSR and running at mid to highest resolution is where I can get it looking the best.  I set DSR smoothing to 15%, disable AA and run at 4K.  I am locked at 60 fps, but its solid.  DE added the ability to scale the UI a while back so that helps when using higher resolutions.

I run a GTX-1070

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My first rule of thumb is to turn off any motion blur, in any game. Motion blur is an inherent artifact of human eyes, and if a game plays at good framerate, the eyes will generate their own motion blur.
I also turn off screen shake, because the instances where it really makes the game feel better have it forced anyway, despite the option.

Film grain gets turned off, because it doesn't look as good as DE Steve (I'm blaming him) thinks.

I keep my GPU particles and particle system quality around medium, both for performance on my computer, and for a bit less visual clutter.

In general terms, the lower the settings, the "cleaner" this game looks; the higher the settings, the "better" this game looks. It sounds like you want "cleaner", so I would try turning settings as low and you can and slowly tune them higher until you reach a spot you like.

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Il y a 15 heures, Nomayonnaiseinireland a dit :

It sounds like you want "cleaner", so I would try turning settings as low and you can and slowly tune them higher until you reach a spot you like.

Well, yes and no, I dont care that much about visibility and readability of the as I play Warframe in a "brain dead" manner expenting a pretty lights show. I know some hardcore Tenno would disagree with me, but I dont think it's a complicated game, not in the gameplay nor in the preparation, modding is easy enough without guides, and after 120mins of survival there is no much brain left to use anyway. But this game gets me so deep in the flow, I like the way it is

I'll be trying toying with the settings, and see how far I can go with DSR while keeping high FPS (around 120) so far I've been experimenting with particules quality, it seems to be a slider of "how many do you want" rather than how they look. I'm hesitating between medium and high. Gforce experience suggest turining it into  ludicrous settings but it's more hilarious than it is actually spectacular

As for AA, there is just no setting that I like, so I let it disabled even if it there is well ... aliasing everywhere, 

Film grain is disabled since it seems to be just some static on the screen, it dosn't fit the futuristic theme to me. I could get behind some chromatic aberration on the edge of the screen, or some Tenno/Orokin filter that's not too overwhelming, but not this

If anyone has specifics they would like to share, it's appreciated

On a sidenote : It would be nice if the settings were clouded, so that I dont have to re-bind keys and find the settings I used to like, I guess I'll have to write them down somewhere so I dont have this problem next time

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