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Good day everyone,

I have been playing warframe for nearly two years now. Since I've started I have been in 3 clans total. One of these clans was one I created myself. So I have officially only ever been in two clans. The last Clan I was in was great and I enjoyed the clan very much and would have wanted to stay there for the foreseeable future, but since I have had my first child I haven't been on consistantly. I still log in daily and recently started having time to do my daily stuff (Finish farming focus for the last two schools I need, as well as sorties), but I didn't contribute to the clan by donating pigments and such because I have had very little time to farm pigments. When I'm on (for extended periods, usually 2 or 3 hours at most) I want to also raise my MR since I'm at 18 and I have so many weapons and frames on backlog because I don't have time to max rank them. You can see this dillema if you are a parent or you have an active social life outside of warframe. I love this game. That being said I was kicked (and have been kicked many times) from my clan since the birth of my child since I am not contributing which I understand and I respect the grind of my previous clan. So, after the last time I left the clan of my own volition since I know I won't be able to contribute (better to leave than to discover every now and then that I've been kicked).


Currently I am looking for a mature clan that understand the plight of parents and doesn't mind someone that doesn't (or can't) actively contribute. If there are any clans out there that fit this description please let me join you. I love the sense of community in clans and clan activities and such.



A lonely Parent Tenno looking for a clan to call home.

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