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Reactive Faction Propaganda, and Acceleration, heaven


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was looking at the loot and faction categories, the smaller icons for sorting would look really cool if they had some hover and spinning animations for the icons, and glow / chimes per faction to make reading mods and rewards really fun. Maybe the modifications can be applied to the map and armory to match each mission description, different cursors, and a quick way to reply to alerts without pulling up the navagation's panel. And also some of the faction rewards are very mediocre, empty sigils without merits, mods that seem late, missions with crappy rewards, if we can get somebody to atleast add some more animations and sound effects for at least the spaceship, nav, and rewards, it should be okay to patch anything.I forgot something, for cetus and the orbit / ship / truckstops propaganda, how about some missions simular to alerts for resources and brownie points / weapons shop darvo only offers platinum so he needs to at least have some mods and other random goods / / thankyou.

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