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pierce, slash, sounds effects for bulletts, mods enhanced binary


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attempting to give the slash, pierce and elemental mods appear more interesting to players when they use them for the first time and also equip them, if there was to be some sound effects attached to the allocations pages of the arsenal configurations, and rewards page that matched the status or elemental growth, i picture that my lex weapon would make a stab sound when dominating slash crits, instead of just a launcher pop default, the animations can't be enjoyed, because the action is fast paced, so at least make the bullets sound different when the dominator is elemental proc.s a blue bullet or animation could help, but this is a mic/check on the sound effects and music, so we can allocate the minimal adjustments to make mods more desirable aspect of warframe customization from the git-go, maybe a preview of other new features for the mod and combat screaming to make some other passive adjustments and benefits to mod users when they have their weapons in prone. recover mp from inductance, ice southes hp/energy rate+ , other features for weapons and radar that include the use and improving of solar and radius or radio waves ,tools and gadjets, i mean some warframes are more savy at some weapons with the right modifications we can get some players to learn how to use them while sprinting and standing, crouching, and air modes are good choices to add more features in the future to allow the player to look for items , collect resources, replace ammo trash, etc.

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