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Adaptive Exposure is out of control on Orb Vallis!


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When you enter a dark area in Orb Vallis with Adaptive Exposure turned on, your game will get brighter (as it should). However when you exit that dark area, your game will either darken very slowly, or in some cases not at all! This results in Orb Vallis being extremely bright, almost like you're in the middle of a blizzard!

Here is a spot that's slightly outside of the elevator to Fortuna, when I'm fresh out of the loading screen

Here's what that same spot looks like after I've dipped into a nearby cave. As you can see, the difference is extreme

Here's a side-by-side if you need help comparing the two

Here's a screencap of just before I go into the cave, facing away from the entrance

And here's that same spot after mining some ore inside

And once again, here's a side-by-side of the two

These screenshots were taken with 50 brightness and 50 contrast. With AE and Color correction turned on. Normally I play with color correction turned off, but for the sake of getting these screencaps I enabled it (it doesn't seem to have made a difference).

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