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Bug on rescue mission


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Caught a bug on a rescue mission, at the entrance to the circle of the quest is considered immediately failed. The first mission was espionage, then the defense drone, and then cycloid, 4 was to get 1000 credits, and the latter to rescue the hostages which had a bug. The first time the quest went нормально, 4 spies found hostages saved, after not leaving the fortune took the quest the second time, which began a bug: when you enter the yellow circle quest immediately fails, the timer disappears, the corpses remain active (they can be approached to press X) dialogue is displayed but then there is no point where the hostages. Reputation and reward are not allowed. Took another 3 times in the same place was a bug, is solved by rejoining the game. Please correct this error. (Wrote through a translator, hope was able to convey the meaning)di-P289.png

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