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Shockprod/Stunna fishing spears - disappearing after dismounting a zipline.


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Ticket: #1514782

Fishing with Ivara in the Orb Vallis.
And using a few ziplines to change position/fish from on top of them.

Then, after dismounting.
The Shockprod (maybe Stunna too, I don't have it for testing yet) disappears visually.

The warframe still has the position of holding one, and it can still be thrown.
But sometimes it even bugs out here, into being unable to be used. (It can't be thrown at all anymore)

Stowing the spear away, and taking it out again, fixes the issue.
But bait tends to suddenly disappear immediately when doing so.

My Tromyzon bait had only recently been thorwn in, when a corpus patrol interrupted.
And even though it took a brief moment to deal with them, all bait and luminous dye where gone completely.
I found it quite surprising, as these usually last longer.
Maybe the last issue is also a bug, or I simply lost track of time.

Either way, added my EE.log to shed some light on the situation.




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