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Here’s how to Limbo


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For the past few days now I have been running into more people playing Limbo and that has made me feel great as a Limbo main. A couple seconds into it that mood changes drastically. I look around at the other players and I can just tell that they are currently beating on their keyboard in a triggered manner telling the Limbo how they feel 😂. I would just like to give a few pointers to those that want to give Limbo a shot as a possible main or just using him to properly use his strengths when it comes to defensive based runs.

1. There is such a thing as too much range. Think about the game you are playing and the majority of players that enjoy it (using a run and gun playstyle). Do you think they want a stasis + cataclysm placed so wide that they have to go searching for enemies? You will see your squad leave so fast if you keep that up. Places where that is acceptable would be in PoE or Fortuna (use some discretion please) but throughout the rest of the starchart, no thanks. Stick to a radius of 7.8m and that will be perfect for mob def, defense and excavation. It’s also the perfect range for your allies to retreat to if things hit the fan or they want to restore some energy (2/sec). Low range is also great for Banish because since it has a ‘splash’ effect it is less likely to snag onto your allies when singling out a target that might be in proximity to your ally.

2. High duration is your bff. You honestly cannot go wrong with it. Want to do a rescue and only place banish on the hostage once? Boom 70 seconds of 0 worry. Defection turns into ezclap especially with the augment Haven to restore 25% of base health. Your cataclysm will take a while to colapse and maintain itself over an objective efficently so that you do not have to recast it again to reset the range. 

3. Please for the love of all thing holy, do not use blinding energy on Limbo. You ever stared into the sun intentionally? I hope not because that’s a dumb thing to do and clearly not great for your eyes. Do not put your squad through that because that really is straining on the eyes and obnoxious. Use dark colors or just stick with black to be on the safe side. 

4. What’s the purpose of Limbo’s third ability? Rift surge is such a great ability and strong with the augment Rift Torrent to increase damage for each enemy affected by it (yes damage bonus is affected by power strength). The thing is when you’re in a squad, I would suggest not to use it at all. It works wonders in a solo setting but too much frustration when your teammates are not within the same plane where they can inflict damage on enemies. 

5. When placing a target into the rift using Banish and you accidentally catch your teammate in it as well, do not worry. They now have the option to escape the rift by rolling out of it. Not every player is going to know that and some players begin to lash out uncontrollably. Let them know they have the option to leave the rift and just watch them go silent for the rest of the run for feeling stupid afterwards. 

6. Power strength is not necessary if you plan on using Limbo for defending objectives. Don’t waste a slot for strength mods if that is your plan. 

7. Casting cataclysm takes forever with the 2 second animation time. If you weren’t already aware, you can cast cataclysm by aiming/pointing at where you want it to go. If you want it placed directly where you are standing, aim looking down. Somewhere across the map, aim in that direction and there you go. What I prefer to do is right when cataclysm is about to collapse, I reactivate stasis and slip out of the cataclysm using my passive to go right back into the rift. Now you can recast it without dying instantly. If you’re in a really high level run where the objective might die in one shot I suggest pairing Limbo with the Vazarin focus school. It’s honestly the most complimenting focus to go with Limbo. The only thing that you would have to add is void dashing the objective to heal and also make the objective invulnerable for a couple seconds. It works on allies too and you can have a set amount of instant revives for them and yourself as well. 

I do not want to drag this on but I feel like these tips should help out a bit for anyone interested and if you are a Limbo main that wants to add something please do. Please ask away if you have any questions and give Limbo another shot. Hapy hunting folks.

P.s. There is a bug where some enemies can shoot through the Cataclysm or move around freely in it but it’s only a select few of enemy units that can do so. 

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