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Repurposing of a Spy Mission..Self Destruct Game Mode...


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It's strange how ideas can flow when you're talking about one thing and another idea crops out of it...in the general we're discussing a Dailey Boss fight and Cat and Mouse game types...now I've been playing Alien Isolation at my brother's for a couple days now..and I came up with this drawing..2018_warframe__phorid_beholder_by_dezara


Now this is a Infested version of the Stalker only it's meant to invoke the fun of the Tank from Left 4 Dead or the Berserker from Gears of War mixed with Alien Isolation and Amnesia...It will try to ambush the player when they enter a random mission rather than it signaling it's intent if they were in the middle of a normal mission like the Gustrag 3, Stalker, and zanuka will tend to do...only the Infested version is indestructible so you have to avoid it, use stealth or try to out run the next guy in your team to get away while listening to them getting murdered and some sort of infested version of the Gustrag's clamp attached to them for being too slow to escape....

I kept using the Spy vault as a example of how it would work with the players being unable to kill the creature, but could win if they finished the mission at hand...and then it hit me...repurpose the spy vaults so you can have the iconic moment in the original Alien movie where Ripley is trying to destroy the Nostromo to kill the Alien...only now we have a version for Warframe...

So 3 spy vaults...are now changed into engine cores that you have to get to and self destruct in order to kill the Phorid Beholder assassin that's somewhere on the map searching or waiting for you to stumble on between these 3 locals..You'll have to hack them while this thing that's a cross between Indians Jones's boulder and Nidus's Larva is sniffing around for you listening for doors to open and alarms to blare so it can find your general location and fill the room with toxins meant to down you...there's nothing else in the map..just you and it..you can't kill it but you can get it into a stunned state limited to three times allowing you some carefully chosen breathing room...essentially a Cat and Mouse game type...

The reward it drops are from the hacks like how Spy Vaults work currently..so the player is reward for survival instead of the same calculus of the standard power fantasy of just killing the assassin...Well there it is..now let the party pooping from the forums commence...also



side note..you don't have to have the monster....it would be fun just by itself to blow the spy cores and try to out race the countdown like sabotage...but then it would be sabotage..so you need the monster...just saying....

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