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Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!


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28 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Hi all!

Devstream #120 will be coming to you live at 2 p.m ET on December 7th! We will see you then, Tenno  - stay tuned next Wednesday for our Q&A thread <3!


Next day after that is my wedding day, so it better bee something special on devstream for delaying.... 😏🍻

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As the UI rework is in the works, I'd like to bring attention to a few related elements:


HUD rework? Greater scalability and customization would be welcome, as it stands the minimap truly lives to its name as it's so small it is barely useable, scaling the whole interface on the other hand clutters the whole screen.

Settings menu?

Not only the sensitivity range could be greatly expanded (as the lowest sensitivity is nowhere near "low"), it could also bring support for non-integer values.
There's also the whole issue of aimed and scoped sensitivity setting being implemented in the most amateurishly backwards way imaginable, being what I assume just hipfire sensitivity under legacy aimed/scoped modifier. Instead the aimed/scoped sensitivity should follow the uniform aiming system in few other games based upon such fancy formula as SensFactor = atan(tan(ZoomFov/2)*constant) / atan(tan(HipFov/2)*constant)

I believe it would greatly improve the feel of the game, as for such low-sens players like me (even though 0 at 600DPI is just barely over my desired sensitivity), setting the aimed sensitivity is borderline impossible as there isn't enough precision between 0 being too low and 1 being too high.

The aimed/scoped sensitivity should instead be a percentage of hipfire, instead of the current implementation.


Fortuna part 2? How's the progress, what other can be said about the new wildlife, hopefully new bounties and new kitgun pieces, if not primary kitguns?

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35 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

Curious. Wonder what's different about this Friday that means a Devstream can't be held.

I'm sure it's nothing bad though.

Indeed. It's likely that they're all focused on releasing Fortuna part II and it's all hands on deck, so they can't dedicate time to stream.

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