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PoE Lakes, ponds and Oceans


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A lot of people may not care about this but one thing about PoE that's always bothered me is the lack of decoration in lakes, ponds or any bodys of water, while fishing at the lake where one of the Eidolon alters are located I noticed that in the day time I could see down to the bottom of this rather deep lake, it was completely empty, no foliage, no rocks.. nothing at all infact, this kind of took away from the look and feel of the area for me personally as the landscape has amazing decoration with rock formations, trees, cliffs etc, but then you look into the water and its completely bare, I noticed the same thing in Orb Vallis… would it be possible to decorate these lakes, ponds and bits of oceans we have access too? it would honestly bring the environment to life a lot more in my opinion, also.. just an idea.. why can't we swim in these lakes and ponds? if foliage was added along with other things to the bottoms of these bodies of water then there protentional add new underwater recourses planets, shells, ores etc, I personally would love to see the ability to explore decorated underwater areas in these open world environments added, also you could use that to build on the animal hunting you brought in with Fortuna, you could tranq and capture amphibious animals etc.. there's a lot more I could say on it, but my point is I think adding foliage and rocks etc to the bottoms of lakes, ponds and Oceans would make the environment feel a lot better, there's such contrast between the land and under the water, its completely empty with no texture.. it looks forgotten about.

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