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Help logging in.



[This isn't my problem, but more of a friend's]

so, we can both log in fine on the website.

but he gets the "Login failed. Check your info." error when logging in on the game.


this happened after he had to reformat his laptop.

anything I should know before I start poking around his Pc's systems for what not?

or do I just tell him to send you guys a ticket.

---- any other fix that can be done without a ticket, I'll welcome.


Also: he can't post right now as his net is dead for the next four days, so we'll be doing fixes here at my place everytime I get home.



We tried:

VPN (this works, even after he closes the vpn AFTER logging in, so I guess there's a problem with authentication)

Reset router

optimize/verify cache via launcher.


--------- I don't know if it carries weight

we used to play and download the game directly from the website.

but since he reformatted, he Downloaded the game on steam.


--------Again, any help would be appreciated.


--thanks in advance. and i really don't know where to post this at...



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