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Aim sensitivity bug on PoE [Solved]


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EDIT: I've found out what is causing the problem, and how to kind of fix it. As it turns out, this issue can also occur on Uranus, which lead me to believe it must have something to do with the archwing. And sure enough that's it. On the plains, this does not occur until after you have summoned your archwing the first time after loading the mission. That's why I didn't notice it until recently, because I didn't start using archwing regularly on the plains until it became chargeless. But it appears that the Operator uses the archwing sensitivity settings (I always thought it felt slow compared to my warframe). And when switching away from the Operator, the game doesn't recognize that it needs to switch your sensitivity back to the normal setting. But summoning and exiting your archwing does cause this change. And my archwing's aim sensitivity was set to 20, while my normal aim was set to 60. So the solution is to simply have them both set to the same value, to prevent it from constantly changing.


I know this is not a new bug, because I've found old forum posts complaining about it, but it seems to have become annoyingly common for me lately. Whenever I'm on the plains of eidolon, and I summon my operator, when I return to my warframe, my aim sensitivity will be substantially lower than what it's supposed to be. Sometimes it will eventually wear off and my sensitivity will return to normal on its own. But the only reliable ways that I've found to fix it are either summoning your archwing, or extracting.

Can we please get a fix for this? It's incredibly annoying having my sensitivity constantly changing, especially with aim assist slowing me down even more when aiming at groups of enemies.

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