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Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

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Things worth mentioning about Titania.

Increase her base energy from 150 to 175

Make the casting speed for her Lantern faster.

Let the buffs from her Tribute ability to be affected by duration mods.

And i'm looking forward to Nyx

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Wait wait wait, if Nyx absorb any type of damage, which meand it can accumulate physical damage too? That would be strong considering most of the enemy factions have varied weapons.

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I am really curious about Nyx rework, it looks fine to me. But Titania is not really that good.

- Thorns 5 meter radius is pointless since you are a Squishy Warframe and this buff is based on Melee attacks 

- Dust is quite good, sadly, You are a squishy Warframe and late game enemies can kill u instantly. 

- Fullmoon buff is underwhelming, I really like the Pet damage buff, but the main damage output comes from our Warframes obviously and Companions don't last that long on late game runs and their AI is not that good as well. It would be really nice if this buff gives instead some survival capabilities to Warframes and companions as well as increase damage output.

- Reflecting damage is pretty pointless if the reflected damage does not scale. (multiply) 

- You can die easily by running straight forward to the enemies just to pick up the souls to obtain all these lackluster buffs. 

Spellbind is a good ability. It is not special and I don't use it that often do it would be nice to see if you can do something special to this ability as well as Lantern. I really like Razowing and the buff is really useful. 


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I don't care about Nyx because she isn't my style of warframe but the changes for her look ok to me.

Titania is a different story. I love Titania in her current form, I enjoy razorwing and how it functions and I adore the buff to lantern and the vacuum addition to razerwing is going to make her feel SO much more comfortable to play I think. Having said that I don't think you are doing enough with the aura's. Yes the ability to stack them up to max with one cast is a welcome change but as so many others have stated before me, the buffs are very underwhelming and could be better.

Thorns is gained from melee enemies and is useless for obvious reasons, damage reflect in this game is pointless with armor reduction and others have run the numbers in this thread to prove it so I don't need to say more I think. I would like to see it become a small buff effect similar to how octavia gets small buffs for doing specific actions in time to music. Tribute a melee enemy, get a small buff to melee damage or attack speed. It doesn't have to be large but it would be far more useful of an ability than damage reflection especially in aura form for the rest of the team.

Dust I think isn't "as" useless especially when you consider the accuracy debuff aura mod for corpus. I come from World of Warcraft where tanking meant damage mitigation and I think people underestimate the use of straight damage mitigation. Having said that it is still underwhelming for one reason and one reason only. Damage mitigation doesn't mean anything if the enemy is dealing enough damage to one shot you with that one bullet in 10 that actually lands. Damage reduction is a far more effective stat in the current state of the game for defensive purposes which places armor and damage reduction abilities head and shoulders above accuracy debuff. If enemies couldn't simply one shot you at high levels this aura might be more useful but that isn't the case. I would even be ok with this getting flipped into "allies get more accuracy" which some might argue with me is still not as useful but I would counter with "take any full auto weapon into the sim at a range of 40m and tell me how useful accuracy can be afterwards. Course we could just slap multishot to primary or something on it and call it a day.

Entangle is the only one I see as being somewhat ok in its current form albeit only somewhat. The range at which the slow is applied is pitifully small to any but melee attack range and isn't effected by mods so that kinda sucks but its still useful. So I'll leave it there.

Full Moon....ugh....companion damage. I am never a fan of any mechanic that places damage and its application outside of my control. In WoW and similar games where you have AI controlled allies there is usually always a way to tell your companion "kill this thing" and if I had that ability I would be 100% ok with this aura because I would combine it with a team of Khora's and wreck high value targets with insane companion damage probably using kavaats. But thats not how this game works and because I can't give my pet orders yet (DE PLEASE ADD THIS) this feels super underwhelming. Bottom lining it though, I would rather have the ability to tell my pet what to do than have this particular aura reworked and the addition of it adding damage to the butterflies as well I think increases the use a fair amount because those things can be rather vicious anyway.


I would like to close this rant/suggestion box with a note. I view Titania's role in the team like a fighter jet in the air force providing support for ground troops, I would like to see more creative buffs than just flat damage in these auras (enemy highlighting behind walls would be a freaking awesome aura ability that I just thought of) and I would love to see these auras reflect that role a bit better, providing some sort of buff to the team that feels more significant and worth taking the time to cast the ability for. I thank you for your time and consideration in reading this :) and thank you to the development team for the work that you do.


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Another minus on a companion damage buff: You should always be in razorwing. Therefor you don't have a companion. therefor the buff is wasted.


Agree with folk that want grabbing new instances of the buff to refresh its duration, and buff duration to scale off of duration mods (which synergizes with using duration to help extend razorwing's time.)

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Since you are taking a little time to rework Nyx sounds are you reworking visuals as well?

There is a mild issue with the fact that you currently need a dark energy color to be able to see anything while you are using Absorb (especially when utilizing the augment). However, if you are using a dark energy color you and your allies have trouble seeing what target you currently have Mind Controlled, or what Chaos is currently effecting. It would be a great quality of life improvement if the particles and effects could be reworked so we wouldn't have such limited options in our energy color choice.

Other than that, she's sounding pretty good to me!

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Nyx changes look interesting so far, but for Mind Control it would still be nice if the "pump up" mechanic also reduces damage taken by the target, would help out with the survivability of the target as well.

Also please make mind controlled targets not count towards defence objectives, i.e the wave only ends when the target dies, It's annoying when Nyx players hold up the end of each wave unnecessarily.


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6 minutes ago, limernest said:

would still be nice if the "pump up" mechanic also reduces damage taken by the target, would help out with the survivability of the target as well.

WHy not instead it act like nidus's 3 andit banks all damage the target takesand then as soon as the ability ends all of it is delt in one big burst?

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As a player that uses Nyx the most and dare I say pretty efficient with her, these changes are not gonna attract more users to use her if they don't already like using her to begin with.

Her current passive is actually great and scales 100% to any level enemies. The accuracy debuff kinda sucks, cause DE will never make it be substantial enough to be remote useful cause "balance", especially so as a passive ability. 

Literally how many people actually use the that "EMP Aura" Aura!?! Exactly ZERO.

If DE wants to actually balance the frames in their line up right now, try starting by fixing your culture of keep crank out "press 4 to win" frames.....

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6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge that deals Magnetic damage. Magnetic Damage doesn't always perform well, and a single damage type doesn't really feel like an 'Absorb'.

Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge - but now we've made the damage type output dynamic based on incoming damage types. If it is fed in, it feeds out!

Please consider letting Nyx move completely freely with augment (no slow walk), otherwise the small change means little . Also please increase the explosion range based on damage absorbed.

6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Lantern was a single-target ability that could result in wildly bouncing enemies making it hard to achieve the core function of attracting witless enemies.  

Lantern can now be cast on up to 4 targets with better 'tethered' victims. You will be able to 'explode' all targets by holding the Lantern cast.

Still seems weak, would be better if enemies were running towards the lantern, within a reasonable range of course.

Other than these abilities, the remaining reworked abilities seems good. 👍

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If I had only one power to comment about Titania: PLEASE make it so that people don't have to look up in a wiki what the buffs do in Tribute.

Try to cram it in the power description with an indicator, maybe the buff icon next  what the buff does and then its stat. The names of the buffs say nothing of what they actually do, and I think it's very damaging to Titania. because you don't know what they do, you don't use them.

Also, the type of buff being dependent on ennemy spawn is... well, annoying. Warframe being a horde-mode style gameplay, singling out an ennemy that's not a boss or a giant thing can be hard, especially in crowded environements or the like. And that's not taking into account you have no way to know which buff will be generated by a specific ennemy.
Couldn't we have a toggle, like Khora, Vauban or Ivara, to choose which buff we want for ourself?

That being said, I think it's the first time I had a clear look at what the buff do in like... forever. 
So, just to be clear. 
1°) Dust: Not so many people care about ennemy accuracy (I by that I mean no one), because when it could become important, one shot or two are enough to kill you, even if it wasn't aiming at you, so RIP accuracy. If they were more powers/items/things about ennemy accuracy (and a way to measure it, but same goes for "evasion"), maybe it would be kinda usefull, but for now... Yeah, nah.
2°) Thorn: I saw someone saying that one buff is nerfing the other if you have an accuracy debuff and a damage reflection damage buff. They're right. Please make the buffs so they cann all be usefull if used together. They should strenghen each other not weaken. Furthermore, unless there are solid and usefull things in the blocking (and reflecting) mechanic in the upcoming melee 3.0, this is also useless. Blocking is seldom used, and reflecting damage is even less so, to put it mildly. It's a good buff for a Mesa, but's that's about it.
3°) Entangle: Genuine question (I know, I should check a wiki, but then again, I shouldn't have to to get the basics of how a power works): how does it work? If the slow effect is affected by power strengh, yeah, sure, but that's kinda weak for a third ability. 
4°) Fullmoon: If the other bufs were usefull (exception maybe for the Entangle, idk), having it affecting only you and pets and not teammates would be a good tradeoff compared to Rhino's Roar. 

I mean, I like playing her, but I never use this power for these two reasons.

Well, it appears I have a few things to say about Razorwing, too. 
Could the butterflies stop disappearing? What's the point of having them if they disappear almost instantly?
And most of the buffs from Tribute are useless in Razorwing: Dust/Thorn anti-synergy like thing is conpounded with Razorwing's evasion, and Fullmoon's change is useless as soon as the butterflies disappear because.... companions disappear. Could it be, when we get into razorwing, taht the companion (be it a sentinel or an animal) just continues to do its thing while we stay in fairy form? It's not like it's going fast or anything.

Other than that, the changes seem welcome and good (except Nyx passive, the one we have is fine and the one suggested is... meh), and the change already in the works for Tribute are a step in the right direction. 
Oh, I had one Nyx question: will ennemies controlled by Nyx first power still be time-stopped in Limbo's Rift?

reading it an hour later. 
Sorry for all the approximative English.

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32 minutes ago, MarrikBroom said:

Another minus on a companion damage buff: You should always be in razorwing. Therefor you don't have a companion. therefor the buff is wasted.


Agree with folk that want grabbing new instances of the buff to refresh its duration, and buff duration to scale off of duration mods (which synergizes with using duration to help extend razorwing's time.)

Titania is a frame entirely built upon contradictions. Actively anti-synergy. Her passive does literally nothing when using Razorwing. Full Moon previously nothing when using Razorwing. Her Damage Reflect is reduced by decreasing enemy accuracy. Her damage reflect is reduced by having evasion. Her damage reflect is reduced because enemies shoot slower with thorns.

Modding her is a pain because her 2 just isn't affected, but you can either mod for 1 and 3 and gimp 4 or mod for 4 and awkwardly run in to melee range when you need to cast to activate Razorwing Blitz. You get however many razorflies but need to cancel and recast 4 to get them back, losing any razorwing blitz stacks.

It's like someone actively designed the frame around being forma hungry and having only two ways to play. Maybe in development Titania was two frames that were merged in to this one amalgamation we have.

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Would psychic bolts still have an aoe and apply a rad proc?


Would mind controlled targets also inherit damage types during the 4 second period?

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2 hours ago, Xzorn said:

In a previous post about Nyx's rework I propose the ability to hold the button allowing Nyx to summon her Mind Controlled Target at will which helps solve the problems with enemy AI and movement. I also mentioned Nyx having elective ability to hold Mind Control on a target by using Garuda's Aim / Not Aim mechanic while pressing the key.  This will help pet oriented Nyx as she will not have to find a new target and pump up it's damage every minute or less.

Her Chaos already produces high threat levels on enemies affected by it. This is mostly a simple distance check between targets. If you change this interaction it could cause more confusion controlling her threat. Like when the priority target dies suddenly enemies turn on you when you were previously safe.

All Nyx's abilities actually synergize naturally. It's just after years of power creep and no need to go higher levels a frame with 4 CC abilities doesn't seem needed. When you can still afford to take damage; dead enemies are better than CC'd ones.

I'm assuming what Rebecca meant with her post is that they are already giving mind controlled enemies the ability to teleport to where you are automatically (like kavats, kubrows or specters). But that only fixes the problem for long distances. For short distances I imagine a controlled grineer lancer will still need to find a suitable place to climb or descend when you switch floors. But if you look at kavats or specters they don't need such strict paths. They follow you a lot more freely because their movement, speed and agility were designed with things like bullet jump in mind. Grineer lancers were not designed to follow bullet jumps. So that's why I'm concerned with short distance problems and overall responsiveness. I'm not concerned with teleportation or summoning because I assume that problem has already been solved.

Regarding Chaos, the interaction you're describing would not be affected. The only thing that changes is that if a specific enemy has to choose between a debuffed target and another target that isn't debuffed, it will choose to attack the one with the debuff first. Everything else remains the same.

As for synergy we are talking about different things. You are talking about a type of synergy that is related to powers "working well together" within a specific kit. The synergy I'm talking about goes beyond that. It's related to powers "interacting and enhancing each other" when used together. So I consider current Nyx to have zero synergy.

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I think another good change to Titania would be the ability to self-cast Spellbind, perhaps by holding down the button. Status immunity is a powerful tool, but having to go directly to an ally or enemy's face to place it on yourself is a bit annoying and impractical for defensive use.

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I'm an avid user of Titania and although this is all better than she currently is... It still feels lack luster!

Razorwing needed vaccume.

Find a balance with lantern, it feels very similar to casting her 1, I feel you should either scrap her 1 or lantern two ccs that don't work together is just awkward.

Tribute... Change tribute completely, maybe make it so you can actually summon a horde of butterflies that are simple AI like Atlas rumblers? 

As said though I think these changes make her better than she is now.. But ultimately when you reach her prime release with her kit how it is, things don't work great together and is in general slow and clunky with casting, will require another rework/tweaking.

As a Titania main and about 12 Forma put into her collectively with her weapons, it's nice to see her getting some love.

But yeah, abilities 1 + 3 don't work together, 2 is just a nightmare to deal with and Razorwing getting it's needed fix! 😄 Pogchamp!

GT: Protocolypse 

I've sent several bugs/glitches with Titania on both Xbox and switch! 

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These Titania changes don't fix much, and I'll still be using nothing but Razorwing, and sometimes Spellbind (on teammates) to stack Blitz. I like Titania, but the changes to her 2 and 3 and like rearranging deckchairs after the ship already sank.

Spellbind can also send enemies flying into the sky. It's also too short range, which is only partly the fault of Narrow Minded, and ends up taking more time to cast than it would take to just kill all the targets with Dex Pixia. Honestly, I mostly use it to stack Razorwing Blitz, and spamming it on an ally is easier for that.

Lantern costs too much to use, doesn't really do much that Spellbind doesn't, and has the same problems. Might be better if I could cast it on the ground like a trap, and not on an enemy. That would let me pre-cast it before enemies arrive, rather than wasting time that would again be better spent firing Dex Pixia.

Tribute is just awful. As others have explained, the buffs all suck, they're a pain to pick up, and the game doesn't even tell you what they do or where each one comes from. Suggested fix: remove all buffs except Dust, and let me shoot the buff to collect it rather than having to fly to it.

Buffing razorfly damage with Full Moon is mostly pointless. I don't want razorflies to do damage, I have Dex Pixia for that, I want them to distract enemies and keep me alive. Improve their survivability and/or give me a way to replace  them when they die, without dropping out and back in to Razorwing. They would also be a better distraction if they stayed a bit closer to Titania, rather than flying off to the next room or whatever. Perhaps an ability to summon 'flies over time could replace Tribute entirely. Letting them exist outside of Razorwing would also help Titania be less squishy.

Vacuum on Razorwing is a welcome change, but I'm worried it will waste energy orbs by picking them all up when my energy is 299/300.

Here's what might be an interesting question: what if Razorwing didn't cost energy at all? Titania could then be balanced around being in Razorwing all the time (which let's face it she is anyway) but would have plenty of energy to spend on her other abilities, and the option to mod for range to help those abilities.

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Everything looks cool but tribute still looks underwhelming especially thorn. Why something like reflect is on titania anyway it doesnt makes sense. She is super squishy, rely on her lanterns cc and her flies aggro. A reflect skill is something you put on a tank. I know DE picked this because you are suppose to get hurt when you touch a thorn but I think it really needs a better effect than reflect. Reflect looks useless in this game we only have a very small HP while the enemies have lots of armor and hp. Its one of the most useless buff in the game imo

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Nyx Psychic Bolts number of target should be increased with ability strength.


Titania shouldnt produce pickup when casting Tribute.


It should instantly gain the buff.

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Passive: Make it 50% chance.

1st ability:

·       Since it’s all about controlling the enemy It should do more than just fight for you. The controlled enemy can hack alarms off for you and if they are traps it should be able to disarm them. (or add it to the 3rd ability)

·       Make it to where you can either make it stay in one spot or follow you.

·       (augment) deactivating the ability will kill the enemy which will spread to other enemies in close range, attacking each other for half the duration.



2nd ability:

·       Make it debuff all eximus units.

·       Make there be an indicator showing that the affected enemies have the debuff.

·       Make it hit multiple targets instead of one.

·       (synergy) Using it on the 1st ability can buff its survivability  and receive a speed buff.

·       Make it to where you either use it on the same enemy to debuff it more OR it can`t be used on the same enemy so it will target enemies that`s not affected by it.




3rd ability:

·       Just to make it more useful you can make them do the idea I put on the 1st ability bulletpoint. To add to this, they could also make them fight enemies, run away in fear and lay on the ground brain dead. (there will be a percentage of each of them preforming those actions)



4th ability:

There is something you need to understand. NYX`S 4TH ABILITY IS USELESS IN A TEAM. So here is my idea to make it more useful.

·       Make sure the passive deactivates when using the 4th ability.

·       Make it move at the same speed as jogging.

·       It pulls aggro from enemies and are hermitized into moving closer to nyx in a 50m radius.

·       You can use weapons inside it to add status effects to the absorption damage, but you can`t shoot enemies through it, adding status effects will also includes melee weapons.  

·       Whatever enemy is shooting at nyx will be affected by the explosion no matter the distance. Enemies in close damage range will take damage and enemies outside that will receive a knockdown and the status affects from weapons.

·       (Synergy) You can cast other abilities while using 4th ability.

·       (Synergy) If you use the 2nd ability, when deactivating the 4th ability, the debuff will spread to enemies the survive the blast.

(Me personally I would get rid of this ability and replace it with a new one)




·       Increase all ability cast speed time.



1st ability:

·       Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air. (please make this so)

·       (augment) When adding status damage to enemies, when the affected enemy is killed, it will spread to nearby enemies.



2nd ability:

·       All ability affects when stacked up will reach up to 75% (as of now the abilities are unnoticeable and useless) 

·       The range of enemies affected should be in a 50m radius.

·       Thorns – the damage reflection should be 1000+ to make it useful.

·       Full Moon – it should also increase companion’s movement speed.

·       Holding the ability should give you the option to choose what buff you want.

·       Enemies should get either a damage debuff or a health debuff.


3rd ability:

·       Each enemy affected will increase the range by 2m.



4th ability:

·       While using 4th ability, make the other ability cost half the energy.

·       Get rid of zero gravity. When you stop, she stops instead of keep on moving, it’s very annoying. (include this in archwing)


Some of people’s comments I agree with;


-Icicles- You should receive Tribute buffs automatically in Razorwing or at least vacuumable. 



SSI_Seraph - Is the new psychic bolts an AOE or is it still a limited number of random targets. If it's the later it's not really as useful as it seems tbh. You either want to target high priority targets or get them in the AOE.

- are you guys still planning to change the drain calculation formula to make her able to tank longer.


- You're still risking to underdanger yourself by going to pick the buffs on a squishy frame, the accuracy debuff gimmick is just rolling a dice on w/e you get oneshot or not on decent levels.

- the buffs are still not worth picking up tbh;

   +Thorns' 25% slow and 10m radius are making this one basicly useless unless you're melee on a squishy frame.

   + The accuracy debuff is just a bad RNG based survivability tool.

   + reflects are absolutely worthless without a heavy multiplier tied to them, this is why you're reworking nyx's mind control after all.

   + Companions damage output isn't really that high to be worth buffing and the bad AI still makes them easy targets in the beasts' case.

- Her animations are super slow.



Anthraxicus - Allow Mind Control to dictate the behavior of the controlled enemy, allowing us to choose a more passive stance, forcing the AI to stay with us (eg.: Ancient Healer), or more aggressive stance. 



Ijmadruga - With regards to Nyx, I’d like to see the damage multiplier be applied to targets affected by chaos while MC and Chaos are active so that they take increased damage from all sources. Combined with PB and Absorb, it makes for terrific synergy between the two abilities.



MrTitan123 - 1. Mind control targets, even with upgraded pathing and A.I, are not very smart. With enemies everywhere, it’s unlikely that enemies will target the MC victim instead of anything else. Considering that they will have new “follow the player” behavior, that paints an even bigger bullseye on your back. I suggest making her target run around and attack, and even force aggro if it is a “strong” unit like an eximus unit. So, have it run around on its own in combat, and then follow nyx outside of it, so you have an opportunity to work from outside the line of fire.

2. You might want to put a bigger damage multiplier. 1.5x damage ain’t gonna cut it for long. Enemies have armor along with increased damage the higher the level goes, but when that damage from enemies is pit against itself, nothing really happens. I know the new debuff is going to decrease armor and shields, and that’s great and all, but if your minion can’t kill the enemies it’s been turned against, then it becomes useless. I would also suggest that if you implement drawing aggro, that enemies contribute to your minion’s damage. While nyx wouldn’t be able to increase its damage anymore, the minion just doing its job would.

Or, to put that all simply:

 Minion gets mind controlled -> Minion attacks things -> Minion draws attention -> Minion takes more damage -> Minion damage increases -> Minion kills everything -> Duration ends and minion dies because of the massive amount of damage it had stored -> Rinse and repeat -> Grofit




Even if it was 100% damage reflection, due to how enemies scale, it would still be useless. Titania is a squishy frame, taking damage is BAD for her. If it was 50% damage reduction it would be more acceptable


Can we also address Titanias abysmal cast times and energy pool?



Equinox21697 - Nyx's mind control is a really good improvement but since we can buff our victims our selves that would make her Mindfreak mod useless, so maybe add a mod that let's us control our targets similar to spectres and get them to hold position and such? Or make that part of the ability idk.



DingusGinger - I also believe with her Absord it should Agro the enemies



NemitheNem - I do not like how psychic bolts is time limited--corrosive and shattering impact are forever after all. 

Titania needs higher base energy, but I do like the proposed changes to tribute. However, the buff should be random instead of tied to enemy types. Percentage of time left on a buff should be subtracted from the chance to get that buff in next cast. This way titania can rack up all her buffs without having to hunt down the right enemy



-Mittens- I'm honestly not impressed. You guys are limiting yourselves here by refusing to try newer abilities. I understand the whole "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach to old ability types, but for 2 of the worst frames in the game right now... they need proper reworks.



So here's my issues with each of them:


1) Mind Control still relies on bad AI. Just because they stay near you does not make the ability better, nor does being able to buff them make it any better. If anything, her 1 should be a buff to allies. Like, imagine a Nyx giving her "mental strength" to allies for a duration. I'd rather have an ability to buff allies than an ability to buff an unreliable controlled enemy.

2) Psychic Bolts has promise but really strongly relies on numbers. In my opinion, at around ~185% Power Strength, it should remove armor/shields by 100%. Otherwise, nothing to note here.

3) Chaos isn't getting any changes? Even though enemies can still go out of their way to attack you??? Missed opportunity. A really big shame.

4) Absorb needs to be scrapped entirely. Either that, or have Assimilate built-in and have the augment do something else. I think you should have something like the Moa precept that has an AOE that slows enemy bullets and such, and still offer her a good way to tank like Assimilate provides. Also this doesn't solve the issue of teammates griefing you and deleting all your energy with 2 Tigris shots. 😕 

Passive) This could be good... if enemy accuracy didn't scale with level, and scale over 100%. I would think more about this one tbh.


1) No Spellbind changes..? Sure I guess. Maybe increase the cast speed?

2) Tribute is just... awful. There's nothing you can salvage here. Much like Nyx, it should just be a straight buff to your allies... only in this context, it should be ONE really good buff, not FOUR bad buffs. Your reliance on keeping this ability as similar as it is will ultimately kill this ability, and Titania will still be one of the worst frames. 😕

3) Lantern changes are good. Having a way to have multiple distractions for enemies, and a way to explode the lanterns is a really solid buff. I just hope the explosions deal good damage.

4) ...No Razorwing changes? As happy as I am that you guys are finally giving her vacuum in her razorwing, that doesn't just "cure" all the other issues. Much like with Nyx's proposed new passive, the evasion that's built-in does not work for enemies after a high enough level. Enemy accuracy can scale over 100%. Razorwing also needs a damage boost for the butterflies as well. Then there's the issue of needing to forma TWO weapons for one frame. Titania is the most forma-expensive frame in the game, because you not only have to forma her, you have to forma her weapons too since **Forma for SOME reason doesn't let you polarize the frame AND their exalted weapons.** That's more a general complaint for exalted frames, but for her it's twofold.

Passive) I mean... it works? It does what it needs to do, so I can't really complain.




I'm incredibly disappointed by what you've presented to us. I think you guys should slow down, and think more on the frames themselves and give them proper reworks with newer functioning abilities and not just rehashing what's already broken. I don't mean to be vile, but we've waited a long time for these reworks, may as well make them the best they can be yes? 



Naneel - Titania needs a lot more love than this. I love her theme I would really like to play her more but she does feel clunky and slow. So here are my suggestions for her : 

Increase her casting speed

give her more Energy

1st Ability : hang the enemies in the air so they don't float away all the time (much like the old Zenurik skill did)

2nd Ability : the buffs should all have the same range and duration, so its easier to maintain them, focus more on the innate debuff and add the auras as a bonus ; the buffs itself need a look at, but enough players wrote what is wrong with them so I won't repeat it here :

make a large AOE around Titania (sending out a swarm of Razorflies)  

every enemy hit will deal less damage for a short period (currently 25% less for 12sec, which is okay; maybe make the duration longer the more enemies you hit, like Rhinos 4th Ability)

every enemy hit will be damaged (either the current damage or a slash proc from the Razorflies would be nice)

every enemy hit will have its soul extracted , the Razorflies will bring them back to Titania, so she can easily collect buffs

3rd Ability : 4 Lanterns sound nice and if they are teathered to the ground will be nice to use



Qamelion - Guys, just calm down please. This is a common strategy from DE.

The only reason why Nyx and Titania get some changes is because their deluxe packages coming out in the next weeks and DE wants to ensure that the sales are high.

Same story with Vauban deluxe, or Mirage prime, Limbo prime and so on.

I don't know why DE is doing this kind of strategy but it seems to work for them.

Chroma Prime didn't got any changes because he is highly requested for Eidolon hunts. Mesa Prime also won't get any changes.

Also: The tweaks for Titania and Nyx are not from Boss Pablo himself.

So.. don't expect any awesome changes or that DE will take much of your feedback in consideration.


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So Spellbind still lets enemies fly to Neverland. It's a good CC, but annoying. It should at least...uhm... be attracted to Lantern (I guess?) so that it is not flying away aimlessly. 

And Spellbind still just drops enemy weapons, not completely disarm them.


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I think Titania should focus on agrro negation to survive as it seem to work well in razorwing mode up until the razorflies got destroyed. So, her passive should let her have that benefit without the need to be razorwing all the time.

Passive: spawn 2 razorflies which have higher threat rating than Titania. Casting an ability will revive all the razorflies with 1 additional razorflies.

The razorflies will draw away enemy fire and damage enemies. Will spawn back few seconds after destroyed if no ability is cast.

(allows razorflies to be spawn back while in razorwing mode without the need to recast Razorwing again to get back the razorflies.)


Her 1st and 3rd ability should also help in her survivability.

1st ability ~ Echant: Echant a group of enemies into a trance for a duration.

Enemies will go into a trance once hit by the ability and will either stand in place or walk slowly towards a nearby lantern (if have).

(This ability synergize well with her 3rd ability and gives allies an easier target to hit.)


3rd ability ~ Lantern: Deploy lanterns that spawns razorflies that damages nearby enemies and draw away enemy fire.

The lantern deployed will spawn razorflies which cover an area that damages enemies inside that area AND draw enemy fire away from the area around the lantern.

(deploying a lantern is much more realiable compare to the original ability as it doesn't need enemies to cast and behave much like a stasis trap which just stays at the location it's placed. This also provide some protection to her and her allies that stands within the lantern's range.)


Her 2nd ability is okay but the buffs given should be changed and the souls should be pulled towards Titania to lessen the trouble of getting the buffs.


Her 4th ability will have 3 razorflies instead of 6 since her passive already provides the other 3 razorflies. 




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