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Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

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changes to nyx seems to be good

titania, well, not so much

addition of vacuum, when in razorwing mode, is good addition, but it's still chaneling ability with no energy regen, when energy is gone you are kick of from your archwing, and almost certainly are dead

good solution would be to make razorwing duration based ability, or, even better, innate part of her, like limbo's riftwalk, this change will make her very exiting to play

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Liking' titanias' rework so far! Nothing over the top, only the bad parts on her kit have been adressed while the fun and special parts that make her special, and the reason I main her, like her passive and how her 1st and 4th skill works is left untouched, thanks!

I believe with those skill buffs she'll be fine in terms of skills, but she could use an energy increasse and lower casting duration... she is supposed to be mobile, not slow and clunky. (I have to use natural talent on her if I don't want to feel like I'm dragging myself through mud when casting skills.)

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6 minutes ago, vkatz_ said:

Titania need some kind of 'pet buff' - i want take her for kuva + my buff kavat - but  i cant get buffs during flight... sad...

You do get buffs from your kavat when you're in razorwing.


Just don't forget that adarza's crit only applies to a certain area. If you are outside the range of that area it won't work. However, smeeta's global range buffs always work on titania, no matter if she's in razorwing or not.

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The new mind control for nyx just isn't gelling for me.

Instead of pumping up our minions with a tigris prime to the head (it's so silly and ppl will find ways to expolit) couldn't the target simply grow in strength and eHP over time, based on power strength? The ability would also need a massive duration boost... or just remove duration altogether... something like Saryn's spore would be real nice - cast once and with a little maintenance can be kept alive and grow in strength until everything is dead or we lose control somehow.

You can do better than this.


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Titania in razorwing can still crash her viewpoint outside the map, a problem archwing has as well. Her collision volume while in razorwing should be tweaked so this doesn’t happen.

To see what I mean, run a corpus map and crash into the ground or into floors.


All of her ability casts should be sped up because the still take a lot of time in combat.

Also how about cosmic crush by holding down 4? Constant altitude changes are still a bit of a drag.

on 2nd thought since tribute usually means diving in to grab the soul why not have a cosmic crush vacuum by holding tribute? energy and the soul at the same time would be pretty nice.

her melee is pretty weak but its like a targeting dash.. handy to get at souls but a buff to it might be nice.

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New Passive: Well it's passive, so fat chance it won't turn enemies marksmanship into stormtrooper's.

Mind Control: Better than before, but why based on ours and not enemies? If the calculation based on multiplier / damage receive isn't it better to based it on enemy damage? Say it's lvl 100 sortie mob, cast, enemies turn and shoot the target = instant juggernaut. Bottom line is, target become an actual killing machine instead just another single target Chaos. Even better if it draws aggro like Rhino's Iron Skin or Nekros' 4th.

Absorb: Can be more specific on output damage type? Is it going to be override each other like Zephyr's 4th or they accumulate separately? Say incoming damage 50 impact - 50 puncture- 100 slash --> output = 50-50-100 or 200 slash only?



Auto loot for 4th, just perfect! :)

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I like these changes, and they all sound like positive adjustments to Nyx and Titania.  However, I do have some thoughts and concerns:

  • Mind Control's damage stacking sounds great, but I still have some questions.  Is it adding 150% damage per 2500 damage, or 50% damage per 2500 damage?  Is this multiplier subject to ability strength?  Is it only Nyx who can increase the Controlled target's damage, or can allies help out too?  What will become of Mind Freak?
  • I could use some more specifics on how exactly Psychic Bolts will work.  Will it still be a relatively small number of bolts, and not a true AoE (compromising by making it a cone AoE that aesthetically fires a bolt at each enemy in the cone would be great)?  Will it still target random enemies near-ish Nyx's reticle, as it does now?  Will there be an AoE when enemies are hit to help make the debuff more widespread?
  • I know it wasn't the most popular passive, but Nyx's disarm chance was still quite valuable to me.  Perhaps it could be added to Chaos, affected by modded ability strength?  Because the ability to disarm 1 in 4 enemies in a large area was helpful, and I will miss it. 
  • I'm honestly not particularly psyched about Nyx, a frame with 3 abilities devoted to getting enemies to not directly attack her, having a passive that...makes it slightly harder for enemies to directly attack her.  That's the one thing she's already got thoroughly covered!  I can't say I like the new passive.
  • Part of why I currently don't enjoy Titania is that her abilities have fairly long cast times outside of Razorwing, and all of them are full body actions that prevent movement, attacking, and reloading, making me feel like I MUST be in Razorwing the whole time or else be a sitting duck while casting her other abilities.  Any chance that some of her cast times will be shortened, her 1 and/or 2 will be made into one-handed actions that allow attacking, reloading, and movement, and/or that her 1, 2, and/or 3 be made into upper body actions that allow movement while casting?
  • Would be nice if Titania's 1 always gave her status immunity on cast, at least, given that that's one of its best qualities.
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More thoughts
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I think ...

Mind Control should rather increase the toughness of the target and it's threat value so that he acts as a tank rather than DPS. That would make it more useful since Nyx does not have any  protective skills. (Absorb does not count as it is a channel skill that prevents you from acting)

Rest of the changes are great and on point.


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I'm really late to this so Im' confident this will be overlooked or buried but
I play Titania quite a bit, and here are what I would suggest as far as fixing her kit up goes:

  • Her 1 and 3 are practically the same thing. Change her 1 to something else
  • Let people cycle between her 2 buffs and hold it to cast like other frames have received.
  • The reflect buff doesn't do anything useful. It's concept is neat but she's not really the frame a skill like this should be on. Please change it to a heal
  • Accuracy down is a placebo. It doesn't feel like it works and I don't even notice when it's on / off. 
  • Cast times across the board are slow. For her buff? This is okay I think. However her cc ability (3) should be quicker.
  • Also, enemies need to actually obey her 3. Sometimes they'll just decide not to despite being right next to the g l o w i e b o i
  • Seriously, please give her a heal buff
  • A neat idea for one of her buffs is to cause the weapons of hers and her allies to fire target-seeking projectiles or something. Basically Pax Seeker I guess minus the auto headshot
  • Make her buffs scale with power strength
  • boost her energy capacity

These suggestions will keep her interesting. As it stands now, her 2 doesn't even feel worth using and two of her other abilities are the same thing. If her buffs are all good it'll encourage them all to be used, meaning she'll use lots of energy and have a bunch of interactivity instead of just being a press 4 and do that for a while frame.

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As a long time Nyx main I've been a little worried about the forthcoming changes but having read this I'm really pleased! I often run a short duration high strength/efficiency build with a heavy focus on staggers and knock downs caused by augmented psychic bolts, chaos and absorb. There is one tweak I'd like to see and it'a actually with the pacifying bolts augment. An enemies stagger is removed if they are hit with any other animated status effect; would it be possible to reapply the stagger after interruption or even make it so that the stagger is uninterruptible? 


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Not sure if anyone has noticed this but I have one key problem with Nyx's rework:

16 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:



Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge that deals Magnetic damage. Magnetic Damage doesn't always perform well, and a single damage type doesn't really feel like an 'Absorb'.

Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge - but now we've made the damage type output dynamic based on incoming damage types. If it is fed in, it feeds out!

Absorb is a very unique power - when Augmented it allows for a completely different kind of play. Alone, Absorb gives Nyx immortality in a pinch and can CC with knockdown, but now we've just added another edge in giving it dynamic Damage

Uhm, this is terrible. The only reason it's terrible is mainly down to what weapons the factions are using. Corpus is mainly Puncture, with more weaknesses to Impact. Grineer is mainly Impact, with weaknesses to Puncture. Infested are mostly a mix of Slash and Toxic with weaknesses more to Fire or Corrosive/Radiation. If the damage these guys are doing is reflected back to them, for the most part they'll be getting resistances.

For lower level content this won't be too noticeable but once you're hitting high level content, resistances and number-scaling are going to factor in and the damage numbers will drop hard.


Suggestion:  Instead of reflecting back the damage type absorbed, either stick to one damage type or perhaps a Psychic conversion to the general faction weakness? Grineer = Puncture, maybe corrosive; Corpus = Impact, maybe mag/electric; Infested = Slash, maybe Fire/Viral.

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I love to play Titania. I try to take her for any mission i can justify using her. The problem is, that's rare. She currently has ONE trick, which is to make a single enemy very dead. She has no real usefulness outside of that. In a game about killing swarms of enemies as fast as possible, she cant keep up at all. I love being a tiny fairy flying around but i would love it if i could actually do something other than killing an enemy every second or two. I would love to be able to meaningfully buff my team. I would love to be able to do any form of AOE damage. I would love to be able to survive any damage whatsoever.

I feel that Titania needs a complete overhaul. A couple changes in numbers are not going to help her. She needs some form of perma-Razorwing because too much of her design is based on it. She's supposed to be a tiny fairy flitting around causing mischief. Mischief in Warframe tends to involve killing lots of things. Let her do that.

I have tried to  use her 1-3 abilities, but they all have problems that make them not worth the energy for me.

Spellbind and Lantern are redundant. They are mediocre Crowd Controls that don't do much or any damage and both involve floating enemies. Tribute is so so useless that i've never really bothered with it. 

Here are my thoughts on Titania's abilities.

PASSIVE - This ability would be fun if i ever used it. Instead i'm always in Razorwing where this ability doesn't apply.

Proposed change: Scrap it. Start over with a passive that applies in and out of Razorwing. It's completely wasted otherwise. It doesn't have to be anything particularly interesting. My suggestion would be a slow energy regeneration up to 20 energy, or maybe 10 percent of max so it scales. This would allow near perpetual Razorwing so long as you aren't using other abilities. This is because Titania NEEDS Razorwing to be up 24/7 in order to survive. This would also allow the occasional free cast of her 2 when not in Razorwing, so nothing too groundbreaking. Optional: make Razorwing free, and do something else with the passive.


SPELLBIND - This ability is currently a basic CC / team support hybrid. Its not got a wide enough area to do either reliably, especially with Narrow Minded, which is very helpful to maintaining Razorwing. I also feel that It suffers for being both a support and CC at once. 

Proposed change: Move it to her 3. Make it a merged Spellbind and Lantern. Make it apply to one enemy, like Lantern. All enemies then, instead of pathing to it like with Lantern, are hovered Spellbind style and gently drift toward the lantern enemy. This keeps them from floating away like they currently do, and fills the entire role of Lantern more reliably because it doesn't depend on AI. Since Lantern's effect is line of sight only, there would be very little in the way of enemies getting stuck pulled toward walls because they will always have a clear path to the lantern. Make the lantern enemy have different visuals that make it SUPER clear which one it is. Make it flashy enough to warrant being called lantern. Remove the disarming. Remove the team support. This would be a dedicated mid-long range crowd control. 

Maybe call it something like Spellbound Lantern, as it is both at once.


TRIBUTE: Currently, this ability is nearly useless. It provides a random inconsequential buff that you have to endanger yourself to get. The only one that anyone likes is Dust, and that is useless at higher levels because enemies accuracy rating scales above %100 at higher levels. %150 - %50 is still %100, so the ability did nothing. 

Proposed change: Scrap it. There is simply no way to make this a good ability. You could make the buffs god tier, but you'd still die picking them up. You could make them apply instantly, but they're still random. You could make them one good buff, or all apply at once, but then it would just be a normal buff ability and the charm is lost. My suggestion is move it to her 2. Replace it with the team support powers taken from spellbind. Make it AOE. make it apply continuously in the target area like Oberon's Hallowed Ground. Make it summon a mushroom circle around the effected area. Make it have a visible aura extending vertically that Titania herself can fly through to get the effects. The support effects would be the status immunity taken from spellbind, and maybe a low level energy regeneration. In case the description wasn't clear enough, this would summon a ring of mushrooms in which allies would gain status immunity and energy regeneration. 

Call it Fairy Ring. That's what actual mushroom circles are often called. Admittedly, this ability could be just about anything that does some form of team support, but it needs to have a tall AOE to hit Titania as well as the team. I think the mushroom circle is in line with Titania's theme tho, and natural energy restoration sounds pretty good.


LANTERN: This ability is a mediocre CC. The second one Titania has. It looks similar to Spellbind, what with the floating enemy and all, and fills a similar role of temporarily incapacitating a group of enemies. It is redundant. It technically does damage, but it's nothing to write home about. 

Proposed change: Merge it with Spellbind as suggested in spellbind's entry. This leaves a shiny new ability open. Move it to her 1. Have it control her butterflies. Press 1 while targeting an enemy to have all butterflies attack it. Press 1 while looking at empty space to have them return to Titania and only attack nearby enemies. Press 1 while looking at the floor or a wall to have them attack anything near that spot. Maybe have the amount of controllable butterflies scale with rank, up to 12 at rank 30. The reason for 12 is that Titania visually has 12 butterflies on her arms and legs. It would be stupid to have less. Unless you plan on a visual redesign as well? Please?

Butterfly Tangent!They are currently useful as distractions. They can kill lower level enemies, but they are uncontrollable and die at the slightest whiff of AOE damage. This is a waste, because they are the defining feature of Titania's design. They really should be central to how she plays. These are ranged autonomous melee weapons, and should play as such. The butterflies should replace the useless Diwata. They should be a Unique ranged melee weapon. They should be controllable similar to Khora's Venari, but should take melee mods. They should cost energy to attack a specific target. This could be similar to melee channeling, and could even be effected by channeling mods. They should be able to defend as well, similar to blocking. They could even deflect shots like blocking does. This should cost less or no energy, because blocking is free IIRC, but also so that Titania still has some defense if she gets stripped of Razorwing by a Nullifier bubble. They should be unkillable, because they are literally a part of Titania herself. As a loose and autonomous part of her body, similar to Venari, they should be every bit as integral to Titania's gameplay as Venari is Khora.

Call it Swarm. As in, cast Swarm on that Bombard. I think that sounds pretty good. I would prefer a prettier word to fit the fairy/pixie theme, but a group of butterflies is called a swarm.


RAZORWING: This ability is Titania's Bread and butter. It is her main defense, and her main method of attack. It is all that most people play her for. It lets her be who she is designed to be. 

Proposed Change: This ability is nearly perfect as is. Scrap the butterflies in favor of a dedicated butterfly melee system with controlling ability. The Evasion system needs some touching up. I like the idea that enemies are less likely to hit a small fast target, but that doesn't play well. At any level above 30 that becomes a random chance to be oneshot on not. Being oneshot is never fun. I would make the accuracy reduction on enemies more noticeable at high levels, while keeping it sane at low ones. Maybe scale it with power strength? Regardless, i would also add a STEEP damage reduction that does scale with power strength. Maybe rivaling Gara's Splinter Storm. Titania is made of paper, so she needs any scrap of damage reduction she can get. You could rationalize it away as "When Titania shrinks to Razorwing form, her armor compresses and becomes ultradense" or something. The proposed vacuum ability would be a godsend, but I and a few others are worried about wasting energy orbs when you are at 299/300 power. I would like to see some kind of solution for that, not just for Titania, but for all frames.

End Result:

Ability Recap

Passive: low cap energy regen. Enough to maintain Razorwing, OR cast a cheap ability occasionally. Not both.

1 : Swarm:  Command Titania's PERMANENT buttertly swarm. Targeted or Area Attacks cost energy per second, akin to channeling a melee weapon. Defense mode is free, and automatic on energy or Razorwing loss, or on targetless cast.

2: Fairy Ring: Summon a ring of mushrooms to protect allies from procs and restore energy. Has a tall AOE so Titania herself in Razorwing mode can get the effects without straying too close to the ground.

3: Spellbound Lantern: Make an enemy into a lantern that gently tugs enemies into the air and towards itself. Hybrid of Spellbind and Lantern

4: Razorwing: just the same, but with damage resistance to avoid oneshots, and no butterflies because that is covered by 1.


With all these changes, i feel that Titania would be an absolute joy to play, and be a bajillion times more versatile than she is currently. The big takeaways are, Make razorwing as permanent as possible, make the butterflies a permanent summon like Venari for AOE damage using melee mods instead of diwata, combine Spellbind and Lantern because they have too much overlap, and give her some useful team support.

OK guys. I've stayed up waaay later than i really should have.

TLDR: Replace Diwata with the butterflies, make butterflies work outside of Razorwing, make butterflies use melee mods, give Venari-like command skill for butterflies, merge Spellbind and Lantern, replace tribute with useful team support, add scaling damage resistance to Razorwing. Give Titania AOE via her autonomous melee drone butterflies.

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i think the biggest problem with Titania is that she doesnt have any reliable sources of survivability, accuracy debuff is all a good but with enough bullet in the air you will get hit and in reality it only takes one bullet to kill you in high level missions.

I think Aviator should work with Razerwing(and maybe with skywing) to give Titania a source of survivability and/or change Thorns so it actually does reflected damage back to the attackers as of now it work as you take 100 damage you lose 100 heath the enemy takes 50 damage, it should be you take 100 damage you lose 50 heath the enemy take 50 damage.

I am aware that Lantern will be a strong source CC but it will probably not be used especially if at the least the razerflys are unable to kill the fodder enemies but i am unsure how well th razerflys will do especially with the Fullmoon buff but if the damage is not good enough i say change the razerflys damage type to finisher damage.

i also think Titania Razerwing needs to be more fluid but not as much as arkwing as then you would have no control especially in small tilesets and she needs a bigger enegy pool

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17 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

New Passive: Enemies can't seem to truly target Nyx and all receive an accuracy debuff against her. 

good passive but since nyx have both chaos and absorb ability, this passive seems pointless

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7 hours ago, (PS4)NatK98 said:

Are you implying people can't tell if a change is good or bad by just reading it? If so, that's just silly.
Imagine this scenario: 

"[DE]Rebecca; Lowered Nyx's health to 3 to prevent players from using her past Mercury." 

What you wrote implies that we cannot give feedback on that change without playing it ourselves, which is a dangerous way of thinking.

A friendly reminder that the original Garuda's 4th is such satisfying and beautiful until a bunch of smart arse (who just saw DE showcasing a new frame's ability in Devstream) jump out of nowhere yelling "her 4th suxks / not fun / unstylish, etc" And now DE redesgin her 4th (IMO much worse than the original one) and guess what ? Take a look at the Garuda feedback section, only to find more ppl yelling "Give us the original 4th back !" LMAO 

 So the fact is : PPL indeed can't tell if a change is good or bad by just reading it...(Because they can't tell it even after they watched it and played it lol)

Another fun fact is : Each time DE announced a frame rework, so many "wise veterans" shows up roaring "My fav frame is gonna be ruined / Why change this and that" blah blah blah... A recent example would be Nezha revisit, and despite that people began mourning Nezha already by just reading those changes, the rework turn out to be a great one for those who truly main Nezha

Are you implying people can tell if a change is good or bad by just reading it? If so, that's just silly. :blush:

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Please make an Augment or change Mind Freak so that it can convert multiple (3?) enemies into permanent Specters.

Holding 1 while aiming at a converted specter releases them from the ability.

Edited by Felix.
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Nyx Mid Control: why not just build the augment into the skill. this change IMO would make the augment not worth the mod spot and i'd rather not have to stand around pumping my target full of led.

Titania Lanter: i don't see the point in up to 4 targets. the skill is rather expensive to be spammable. i think just better/wider attraction and tethering like Octavia's Resonator would be more than enough

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1 hour ago, Juvieus_Kaine said:

Not sure if anyone has noticed this but I have one key problem with Nyx's rework:

Uhm, this is terrible. The only reason it's terrible is mainly down to what weapons the factions are using. Corpus is mainly Puncture, with more weaknesses to Impact. Grineer is mainly Impact, with weaknesses to Puncture. Infested are mostly a mix of Slash and Toxic with weaknesses more to Fire or Corrosive/Radiation. If the damage these guys are doing is reflected back to them, for the most part they'll be getting resistances.

For lower level content this won't be too noticeable but once you're hitting high level content, resistances and number-scaling are going to factor in and the damage numbers will drop hard.


Suggestion:  Instead of reflecting back the damage type absorbed, either stick to one damage type or perhaps a Psychic conversion to the general faction weakness? Grineer = Puncture, maybe corrosive; Corpus = Impact, maybe mag/electric; Infested = Slash, maybe Fire/Viral.

+1 agree completely

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MIND CONTROL - Damage types should also transfer to target. Status procs during the 4 second invulnerability period should increase target's status chance. Enemy's incoming damage should also contribute.

PSYCHIC BOLTS - It does not feel infested / pure health enemies are being debuffed enough. Increase damage on pure health-based enemies would fall in the same theme of "reduce defenses" of the other parts of the ability.

ABSORB - Needs a bullet attractor effect to compensate for the passive's bullet deflection. Nyx Player should be able to use its own weapons to power up the desired damage types to Absorb.

HOLD trigger new action: holding the Absorb button would discharge 50% of Absorb's accumulated damage without dispelling it, allowing damage to be continually accumulated. 

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17 hours ago, MrTitan123 said:

Personally, I like the nyx changes, but I do have some issues.

1. Mind control targets, even with upgraded pathing and A.I, are not very smart. With enemies everywhere, it’s unlikely that enemies will target the MC victim instead of anything else. Considering that they will have new “follow the player” behavior, that paints an even bigger bullseye on your back. I suggest making her target run around and attack, and even force aggro if it is a “strong” unit like an eximus unit. So, have it run around on its own in combat, and then follow nyx outside of it, so you have an opportunity to work from outside the line of fire.

2. You might want to put a bigger damage multiplier. 1.5x damage ain’t gonna cut it for long. Enemies have armor along with increased damage the higher the level goes, but when that damage from enemies is pit against itself, nothing really happens. I know the new debuff is going to decrease armor and shields, and that’s great and all, but if your minion can’t kill the enemies it’s been turned against, then it becomes useless. I would also suggest that if you implement drawing aggro, that enemies contribute to your minion’s damage. While nyx wouldn’t be able to increase its damage anymore, the minion just doing its job would.

Or, to put that all simply:

 Minion gets mind controlled -> Minion attacks things -> Minion draws attention -> Minion takes more damage -> Minion damage increases -> Minion kills everything -> Duration ends and minion dies because of the massive amount of damage it had stored -> Rinse and repeat -> Grofit

This! MC would be amazing if it worked the way you described. 

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Nyx changes sound a lot of fun.


the Titania changes seem more making her current play style easier to use so will be great for people who currently like her but probably won’t make her more appealing to others.


im slightly miffed though that your adding dynamic scaling where mag’s abilities were soft capped for her rework I.e - go try her 3 against sortie or above level targets for dmg or Armor stripping. It just becomes a useless skill against enemies after a certain point.

As a little side wish it’d be great if her pull wasn’t so penalised at low power strength - your kinda forced into building around her #2 which if you want the most out of it your going max range/duration minimal strength.

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