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Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

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The biggest problems with Titania is that first, Lantern should be tethered to the ground because it keeps flying so far away that it becomes redundant and you end up wasting energy. Second, the buffs granted by Tribute are rather underwhelming, even when they are maxed out. And third, for some reason we cannot apply Gladiator Rush on her Diwata but yet we can add Gladiator Vice & Might?

Edit: also alot of time when using Diwata she will attack the enemies feets causing you to bump on the floor witch forces the player to readjust.

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Lantern: use Trinity 1 concept

Tribute: if the ability stays give meaningful buffs that strengthen her 4th. Thats Titania bread and butter. Make her like Nidus who in ability wise the best frame where all ability synergizes or linked to each other. Stop forcing non razorwing Titania but make her 1-3 to support 4. Tribute buff should be picked up with vacum.

Overall more casting speed for her.

Her little razorflies should give damage reduction AND constantly rebirth. Best solution would be to make them a standalone recastable ability.



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I think her butterflies should work like khoras kavat. Make them moddable. Replace lantern with the ability to resurrect, and maybe choose different modes. Like attk mode, defending mode,  and energy regen mode or something.

Her 1 should build a damage resistance stack for every enemy effected. That literally gives Titania flat damge resistance... Up to 80% or something.

Her tribute should provide healing or an attk speed buff when Titania eats a soul or something.

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On 2019-01-10 at 4:31 PM, (XB1)DomTheKilleur said:

The biggest problems with Titania is that first, Lantern should be tethered to the ground because it keeps flying so far away that it becomes redundant and you end up wasting energy. Second, the buffs granted by Tribute are rather underwhelming, even when they are maxed out. And third, for some reason we cannot apply Gladiator Rush on her Diwata but yet we can add Gladiator Vice & Might?

Edit: also alot of time when using Diwata she will attack the enemies feets causing you to bump on the floor witch forces the player to readjust.

Yep, gladiator rush isnt available to any exalted weapons.

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Titania rework centered around her Razor Flies. Life steal, armor buff and damage (singles out most threatening enemy) and of course her fourth is Razor Wing. Her passive is 50% Thorns....and for the love of Lotus fix her casting speed. Thats just my humble idea on my beloved Titania. Happy hunting Tenno.

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I know the Thorns buff is rather anathema to Titania players, and for good reason. Damage being reflected back to enemies is a joke. However, going with the theme of thorns, couldn't the enemies suffer powerful Puncture procs instead? That would give Titania pseudo-damage reduction as well as supporting her team in a positive way.

This still has the problem of being hit first and thus, doesn't scale super well. Perhaps it could apply to near-misses as well? Maybe it could be given to enemies affected by her Lantern and other CC?

I doubt the developers are reading this anymore. Also, apologies if this has been proposed elsewhere already.

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If people are still talking about it then I'll throw my 2 cents in. I have a little idea for Nyx's psychic bolts. 

Petchic bolts makes you turn it off by holding down #2. That wait is long and kinda annoying for an ability that doesn't do much other than make a couple enemies easier to hurt. The ability doesn't even make it easier to find the enemies you hit so you can kill them and not have to manually turn bolts off.

Life would be easier if it worked more like mind control (one click to turn off and a second click to reuse the ability) or chaos (using it automatically removes it from affected baffies so it can go on whatever is now closest). 

And can anything be done so we can see psychic bolted enemies easier? 

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Titania's changes are more QoL. She needs more survivability, her 2 and 3 not to fling enemies when shooting at them and a scaling damage buff. I mean, Nova has a scaling damage and defence buff so it wouldn't be too far-fetched.

Potentially give the ability for razorflies to be resurrected and give us a 5% damage buff for each active razorfly. Or allow razorflies health to scale off of enemy level.

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Titania Rework  
Do you believe in fairies?

Belief : Belief is a resource unique to Titania that provides up to 50% evasion when the meter is full.
Belief meter displayed in the lower-right on the HUD, above the ability icons.
Belief meter is initially empty, then gradually fills when the following events occur in mission:

Each enemy hit by Spellbind the meter by .6%.
Each enemy attracted by Titania’s Lantern ability fills the meter by .81%.
Each ally that jumps using Titania’s jump-pad fills the meter by 1.6%
Allies doing the “Clap” emote within affinity range of Titania fills the meter by .81%.
Evasion and erode amount are not affected by Mods.
Titania’s fourth ability “Razorwing” utilizes Belief instead of Energy to cast and maintain as enemies and allies kind of can’t see her and stop believing she’s there.
Belief can still be gained from the ways listed above while Razorwing is active.

1 – Spellbind
Enemies fumble their weapons as they tumble into the air, and the ground is covered in Titania’s jump-pad. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects, Status effects removed from allies refresh duration of tribute buffs.

 Extract an offering from an enemy in the form of a random Ability Buff. Survivor's attacks are weakened. Tributes are now random per description (not based on enemy, 1 of 4 buffs) and the buffs no longer stack.
    Dust – 15% Duration increase
    Thorns – 15% Power Strength increase
    Entangle – 15% Range Increase
    Full Moon – 15% Efficiency increase
The soul of the enemy appears at Titania’s feet the way Ivara’s zipline pathfinds. The Tribute is only useable by Titania. The buffs can not stack, so only 1 of each can be active. The buffs can be augmented with power strength.

3 – Lantern
Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades before exploding on command. Exploding Lanterns will refresh Razorfly Drones for Titania’s Razorwing mode.

4 – Razorwing
Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies. Activating Razorwing begins depleting Titania’s Belief meter. Flying low to the ground leaves a trail of her Jump-pad to allow allies to keep up with her. 40% Evasion while mode is active. Animals and robotic companions are placed in Titania's pocket when activating razorwing and transported to her location upon returning to full size.


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after the recent changes to nyx and absorb again i feel like leaving my opinion:

her 4 is the totally wrong ability to provide a self buff like this simply due to its nature. it forces the augment, it drains energy fast, it requires enemy focus/assitance to "charge" so her 3 could be very problematic here in that regard and the damage part is nice but i doubt anyone will ever try building her for a simple AoE nuke since her main goal is CC and mind controlling so i dont think giving her 4 again such a dmg return is any useful for her. hence the buffs to absorb dont matter too much because nyx isnt about dmg and right now its her least iconic ability because her 1 is more unique and her 2 is just stronger in regards to high lvl enemies and sustaining damage. her 3 is just as useful as it always was so even that is more usable than absorb. its a panic button invincibility still, nothing else imo and trying to use it for more than that brings many problems imo. also tbh using her 2 and any good weapon kills all of these enemies so fast there are arguments to be made that she wont need either her 1 and 3 or her 4 although later invinc is better in that combination so however argued something can be called pointless in her kit, be it a whole ability or a part of it.

instead of keeping the focus on her 4 that focus should move to her 3. absorb should simply offer invincibility as it used to and maybe to improve the synergy and use of her 1 create a spectral clone of the mind controlled target and/or feeds a portion of the absorbed dmg into 1's dmg output. the dmg self buff, if needed at all should move to her 3 and be limited to targets affected by it, for example: "nyx and her mind controlled minion deal XX% increased damage to confused enemies" although if her absorb converted the dmg into +% dmg for her mind controlled target(s) that would be unnecessary.

all in all i like most of the rework, but i dont understand the changes to her absorb.



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Still experimenting with changes to Absorb. I like that absorbed damage now contributes to CC (explosion range). Very glad that friendly fire affects the base ability (and can thus be used to fuel the self damage buff) but does not affect Assimilate so one can still tank without accidentally losing all energy. Only complaint is the inability to use gear items while in Assimilate.

Dispelling her 2 by holding is a little clunky. Perhaps this could be improved by keeping the option to dispell, but also having a cap on the number of enemies affected at a time and allowing recasting even while some are still alive (e.g. 2 affected enemies alive => recasting only shoots out 4 bolts)?

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I love Titania and she is my main - but sometimes I get a bit disgusted by how broken she is.

It really seems like whoever designed her loved her - but that whoever is responsble for her game balance just hates her guts.

and I say this after spending something like 20 forma on her and her weapons because I SO WANT TO USE HER FOR END GAME.


Some game modes are impossible: Like Arbitrations and high end sanctuary 

I just came out of the arbitration right now where Titania had the 300% bonus.. still useless beyond wave 5 and first to die. The little red dudes are immune to damage in Razerwing - the same for many Capture targets for example in Void Captures. Try exiting razer wing to kil the red dude when its connected to more than 3 or 4 mobs..and see what happens.

Hint: You die.

In other news: She is 1-hit by Anti Air in PoE and anything that can send bombs at airborne targets. Archwing defenses?

If she walks into the blue shielded guys (corpus usually) and loses flight she is dead on arrival. Just the animation time alone of returning to original form is enough time to kill her.

Her stun animation also throws her randomly in a direction and can also get her stuck in/ against walls and furniture for 10  seconds.. Which is certain death when floating in a poison cloud or some aoe.


Her weapons:

Diwata is not an end game melee weapon. EVERYBODY is telling you this. The low status / low crit is ridiculous.

Dex Pixia barely functions against high level mobs when fully loaded with forma but will never do the damage of a proper main weapon. It is exactly what you made it: a secondary.

Many mod stats don't work on Dex Pixia or Diwata that should - just to get her to the point that those weapons could be effective for example in High level sanctuary or Arbitrations.

It is absolutely impossible to have an effective razerwing build that has ANY chance of survival against enemies should she run out of mana / get zapped out of ability and return on the ground. She is delicate and all about damage avoidance so grounded she will die in seconds. On the flip side her ultimate is absolutely useless the minute we try to put together a survivability build - take just 1 or 2 strength / effectiveness mods away from her and her dps is jello.


Her abilities do not work holistically. They totally contradict and NOONE can use all 4 abilities meaningfully together.

In short anyone who plays Titania must decide whether to sacrifice their 4th ability altogether or just run it full time and pray they never hit the ground, pretty much giving up on the others except as spam for razorwing blitz (think about that.. her other warframe abilities are so pointless they got turned into fuel).


On the other hand we need to talk about how exactly useless her other abilities are - and how mediocre a non-razorwing Titania actually is. There are SO MANY warframes that do basically what Titiana does MUCH better than she can (charming enemies / Buffing / CC) that it seems her first 3 abilities are just leftovers no-one else wanted.. but her fourth. HER FOURTH is awesome. No other Warframe can approach the excitement and joy and freedom that we get with our strong speedy flying little pixie. Razerwing is such a wonderfully different way to play. And so enjoyable when it works. But OMG how frustrating to be gimped so badly in so many game modes. How frustrating that I have to give up everything else she has. How frustrating that I know there are some game modes I am going to suck at SO badly - for no other reason than that the developers didn't think through her limitations and resolve them.

These complaints are common and well known. Adjustments to her abilities are only the beginning of what is required.

Dear Devs - you've had more than enough feedback. Please. FIX HER.



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Please allow her 4 to be practical in high level and endurance runs? The energy drain is too high with its current damage formula. If this can't be done then I'd love to have her augmented 2 be spammable again. Nyx got a survival nerf in this rework. 

Her debuffing skills are not needed in low level missions and even most sorties. The enemies there are already easy enough for other frames or weapons to be much more efficient choices in comparison to nyx's slow debuff playstyle. Therefore, please give her better survivability. Her passive only looked good on paper, a worthwhile damage buff% from her 4 requires way too much damage (which is bad for its impractical energy drain), the damage from the 4 is still useless unless you use it on low level missions where slow playstyle nyx is not a practical choice (weapons and other frames can one shot or kill hordes way faster).


Summary: I've been using her less since the rework because her survivability got nerfed when her augmented 2 ceased to be spammable along with no compensation by making her 4 better at survival. I think making her 4 better for the very high levels would have been much much better than giving it a damage buff%. A worthwhile damage buff% requires way too much damage (easy to get in endurance runs but her energy drain is so massive that the 4 becomes a burden and something to only use for a short panic situation). The animation lock of her 3 is long and the stun is too short compared to what her spammable augmented 2 could have given you by affecting the nearby enemies who would actually at that point in time of the cast. Nyx's playstyle is slooow and debuffs are not needed for the easy low levels and most sorties. Other frames/weapons are much more practical. Therefore, it's best to make nyx better at survival in the high levels (preferably with a more energy efficient 4 or a return of the spammable 2).

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At this point, if Titania really is going to be left in this state, then unfortunately I won't be grabbing her deluxe skin. I was really hoping the devs would pay attention to feedback and make the required adjustments, but as per usual they do what they think is best. Which isn't.

Nezha, even though he can still get 1-shotted at high level, got a really amazing rework and an awesome deluxe. So, I'll just stick with him then, I guess.

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I like Titanis but only because of her one trick pony Dex Pixia.. the rest of her rework was terrible, honestly there seems to be a disconnect with how skills are on paper with how they perform in game.. Titanias 1, 2, 3 are really quite useless from trying them..


I guess the high level power creep just made so many frames skills pointless and to be frank useless.. they need to tone down the 80+ content as it makes the frames not work.

Nyx while ok i've not found her rework to be all that fruitful, she feels even worse imo than she was before the rework.. her number 2 needs to just be spammable. And her number 4 should let her move around without the augment..

Nyx needs more health or more armor by default.

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  • tattoo with additional abilities and passive traits, cosmetics laser weapons, and rework ideas for nyx today are little, but i figured that maybe you can add some additional mods in place for some of these suggestions or make weapons based on the improvements, this way we can pull the rework packate with new DLC, theme/music:corpus:new mods & pvp functionality
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Like octavia with her mandachord or limbo with rift, being essentially a mind-control frame Nyx has opportunity to be such a unique frame that can utilize threat level mechanic reliably. but current rework while really good feels like its moving nyx from a CC mind controlling frame by theme to a more power strength based, offense focused frame in line with the likes of nova and banshee to go with the meta in a forced way.

So hear me out on (probably really biased) additional suggestions focusing on the theme of manipulation, threat level.

For a start, let nyx see threat levels in some ways, be it a passive or chaos' nyx image transparency changing based on threat level the allies and enemies possesses. it gives information that players can utilize on depending on their foresight and play style.

Second, give all abilities threat gain or loss, let her be the master of threat manipulation. for rough examples;

Mind control - transfer nyx's threat value to target, but threat level on nyx and target reverts to normal over the duration. so something like max threat for 1 sec then decays over 4 secs. allow all sources of damage contribute instead of just nyx's.

Psychic Bolt - increase target's threat to max over the duration at constant rate.

Chaos - increase threat on enemies like it already is but also decrease allies threat level too, ally threat increases back to normal over the duration. this would make chaos much more reliable cc that doesn't rely on proximity. also possibly exposing threat levels of everything caught in chaos range for everyone in party to see.

Absorb - increase threat level to a certain threshold over time instead of a flat gain. so less starting threat but higher than flat gain's threat after a few seconds.

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I like your idea to work with threat levels, but I don't think you would gain anything from seeing everyones except a visual overload. Instead just show her personal threat level (in relation to others), for example 1 would be like every other tenno, a lower number means they will target you later and higher means they will prioritize you.

Her passiv should be a lower then normal threat level (under 1). Maybe just if you are not agressive (Abilities shouldn't count as aggressive, except Absorb, as they cannot harm the enemies).

Mind Control should gain a higher then average threat level (like 1,5). Someone (cannot find the comment anymore) made the suggestion to replace this Ability with "Psychic Projection". This would work like the spector you summon with Equinox Duality Augment. This would improve the AI, as it uses Spector AI, which is better then the current one MC uses and would deal reliable damage as it takes your weapon, so no ramping up your MCs damage anymore. The projection should still be invincible as it its not corporal, maybe give it a lower base duration to compensate for the great increase in damage.

Psychic Bolts just need to be spammable or at least refresh on recast (no holding to release), but should then have a moddable number based on Duration/Strength.

Chaos is fine, could maybe profit from enemies dealing more damage against each other, so it does not take that long till they kill each other.

Absorb should lose the energy cost per damage and Nyx should be able to cast her other Abilities while in Absorb. Her threat level should raise (like 2). Also just remove the damge dealing component altogether as it will never deal a significant amount of damage. Instead use the absorbed damage for something else (like Harrows Covenant). Give it a reliable CC on "detonation", a buff for your team or debuff on enemies. Some ideas on this :

  • give her a self buff that improves her other Abilities
    • more damage for MC/PP or a longer Duration
    • more Bolts
    • Chaosed enemies deal higher damage against each other/other enemies
  • channel the absorbed damage into range for the detonation, so you effect more enemies with a CC (knockdown would be enough, as long as it holds longer then your Animation)
  • gain a short period (dependant on damage absorbed) of invincibility/invisibility/lower threat level
  • a radial disarm on detonation (but as this would be the same as Lokis, its probably not good)
  • damage reduction for you and allies in range for a short period (either reduction or duration depending on damage absorbed)
  • enemies hit by the detonation deal less damage

Edit : I encountered a possible bug today, I could ensnare a MC target of an ally Nyx. I think this shouldn't happen.

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Having messed around with the rework for Nyx for a little bit I'm a tad disappointed. Please, forgive my wall of text in advance.

First I thought the passive would be useful, but it really is negligible of an impact. The accuracy debuff is really really weak to the point that I question if it even works properly. I die just as quickly and it's definitely no Titania Dust. Even if it did work well, it's counter to the changes of her Absorb demanding she take damage.

The changes to Mind Control are really good, and for an ability that costs little energy, it's one of the most damaging abilities in the game. Or it would be, if Mind Controlled targets had any sense of priorities. Rather than casting Nidus' 1 down a hallway or Octavia's 1 on a choke I'm left with a damage dealing ability, that while strong, works about as well as the enemy feels that day.

For an ability labelled "Mind Control", there's not a lot of 'control' going on.

The change to Absorb that lets her gain a damage buff after detonating it is very interesting. I like it, but it goes away after using Absorb before the lingering absorb duration ends. It also is pretty clunky if you intend to use it to boost the Mind Control'd target. Not only is there a long animation to deactivate absorb, but you also have to cast Mind Control on something, then also shoot it. You are very likely dead after all of that, unless you maybe Cast Chaos to cover yourself. More on why that isn't necessarily useful.

Lingering Absorb lacks finesse is what I'm saying. It's clunky but I love the idea.

Keeping with the theme of being clunky, Psychic Bolts' changes are amazing but still clunky in execution. I question why we are limited to only 6 enemies, not just per cast, but in total. Not only does this restriction really hold its potential back, but it makes recasting it require an uncast time.

Lastly, even with her passive, Chaos isn't reliable damage reduction. I know it's not supposed to be Iron Skin but enemy AI as dumb as it currently is should not be what saves the player. Especially if people want to see smarter enemies. It would be real nice if there was a way to directly influence whether or not you or something else is targeted. Nyx is in a really strange spot right now I feel. I do feel she's trying to be forced into the same nich Glass Cannon character as Banshee. No invisibility, but has CC and damage potential. Except, Banshee isn't a very good frame to emulate on their own. Banshee's strengths largely come from her really really strong augments. Banshee on her own is kind of weak.

Nyx doesn't have any of that. No meaningful synergy, and clunky mechanics.

She functionally radiates targets, but without the radiation proc. Radiation is really strong with Disarm. Not just any disarm. Single target disarming is kind of weak. We need enmasse disarm on demand. It would be great if there was a way for Nyx to force all enemies affected by her abilities to be Disarmed. Not with a passive. Give her that control.

Same thing with Mind Control. Let me pick what the Mind Control target guns down or focuses on.

So to tl;dr: Abilities Clunky, streamline it so it all flows really well. Take advantage of Disarm+Friendly Fire grouping enemies up for AoE attacks by adding a way to disarm lots of enemies, something you can do with radiation+disarm and indirectly is a form of damage multiplication. Give her control over the enemies more. Such as ordering the Mind Control Target around, or having Chaos'd targets focus on the Mind Control target.

Making it less clunky would let her be less vulnerable, given her paper thin defenses. Giving her more control would justify the restrictions on Psychic Bolts, and grouping enemies up is a form of damage multiplication anyhow. Absorb even is an AoE. The recipe for a strong and unique frame is there. Just add the spice.

EDIT: Ways to go about it would include a Charge Mechanic for Chaos that lets you cast a Disarming Chaos. Without an Augment. Can you imagine enemies literally losing their minds, screaming, throwing their guns around, drawing their melee weapons and wailing on eachother? Because that's what I think about when I think of a warframe like Nyx.

Casting Mind Control on an enemy Affected by Chaos should also draw all aggro of nearby affected enemies to the Mind Control target. This should feed into the damage multiplier too. If there's enough enemies, and strong ones, you don't even need to shoot at the MC target yourself. That's how you could get the ability to scale safely too. Since MC enemies are immune to damage until after the duration ends this is a fantastic way to get the MC target killed once the duration runs out and ensure its damage increases.

Uncasting Mind Control remains by holding it, but tapping to recast should still let you command the MC to attack a marked enemy. Also manual uncasting should always disarm the MC target. There's a lot of sitautons where one could manually uncast it and a bombard just rockets you immediately in the face despite it being the last enemy alive.

Psychic Bolts should be able to spread if we can't recast it freely. Perhaps nearby enemies affected by Chaos can suffer the effects of Psychic bolts if the current duration is in effect and one of the old afflicted enemies die.

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Titania rework...

What rework? this were just bugfixes that she was due a week after her release! nothing has been actually changed about her lacklustre kit.

Already it was iffy that her rework and workshop were paired together with Nix's, but seeing the results its confirmation that she was just included as an aftertought.

If this is the degree of "effort" DE is willing to exert... well Titania has been officially screwed over again.

Apart from Razorwing her other powers don't "work" for reasons that have been already outlined multiple times in this thread.


- casting times for all her powers outside of razorwing are still unforgivable long,

- enemies still keep floating away or are launched to orbit when affected by her #1 and #3 (that I mantain should not be separate power slots),

- her razorflies die without reason all too ofthen and don't regenerate,

- her defenses and defensive powers are a dice roll,

- the debuffs from tribute are still mediocre in both power and scope and make no sense thematically...

- razorwing is still targeted and oneshotted by anti-archwing attacks, with said attacks ofthen traking her even when on foot with the same lethal results;

- razorwing is still oneshotted by anything due to the RNG nature of Titania's defenses and lack of modding space

- still no [press X] interaction while in razorwing - while skywing has already widely proved it's doable with the game engine

- most forma hungry frame ever, with Titania herself, her dex Pixia and Diwata requiring extensive modding and polarization

Apart from flying in Razorwing, everything else in Titania's kit is done better and much more reliably by other frames.

Trying to build her for her #1 (#2) and  #3 use completely gimps her #4 for little gain (also her #2 debuffs are completely unaffected by modding to add insult to injury), building for Razorwing is the only worthwhile choice currently.

Also: total lack of feedback from the developers - no one from De had actually commented or at least aknowledged the community effort in trying to provide useful ideas and feedback for the rework and it stings

Tl:Dr - Titania has received what amounts to a minimal hotfix, none of her issues have been really addressed

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i would of liked to see some additional or new things added with the reworks, i read the patchnotes for the reworked nyx and titania, but honestly i was not that excited over the changes enough to want to switch back to Nyx and go test things, what am looking foward to is escaping syndicate mods and new abilities and passive traits without destroying completely what is in the game, even if you made a piece of armor or suite that allows you to change one ability for another, i'd still like the rework to make these warframe more interesting for everyone.    They will be my teamates forever who wont backdown from playing them, i personally used Nyx before the second-dream quest to open many relics, maybe you can add some new features to relics and the other game modes, as well as some rewards, or change to the leveling game structure, and max rank warframes, to be met with some unique loot.        There were some passive traits that turn off, and some things like acid bolts not dealing damage that seem somewhat mediocre, because you can just keep recasting it to no avail, i hope that there is more options and unique weapons:  I would of liked it if in the future all these reworks came with a new weapon to purchase and buy, just like how Barok is coming out with his own shield and sword melee weapon, maybe Nyx and Titania's rework could have released some new toys, and mods for them. Or at least a new set of skin/cosmetics, free ones, and platinum.   

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