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Riven Mod Slot Issue (90+)


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Hello Community!

I play this game for months now (for real.. M O N T H S .. 2700 hours) and i kind of like most of it.. at least I still try to enjoy it. But when you play this game for such a long period of time there may accure some issues most of the community/devs never thought about.. I guess that's why region chat told me to shut up and go to forum. Well.. here I am:

I am out of Riven Mod slots. For months now. That's a fact most of the ppl in my friendslist benefit from, but it's getting really annoying at some point.

DE, you gave us a huge amount of awesome looking and different acting weapons to kill our way through the starchart and I don't see a reason to have a Riven Mod for at least half of them.


Some of you may say "you don't play every weapon" and "you don't need a riven for every weapon you play" but.. Yes. and Why not?


Actually.. The reason to create this topic: The moment I have 91 Riven Mods equals the moment I cannot enjoy this game anymore. I get a pop-up everytime a mission ends, I went to modseqment or foundry, what makes it kind of unplayable.. At the moment I own 89 Riven Mods i play/enjoy and one for Dual Cestra. I cannot find anymore Rivens to delete in my inventory (except the dual cestra one) and that means I played this game up to the moment where I cannot receive Riven Mods anymore. Getting one in sortie -> bearing with this f*****g pop-up until I opened it and the moment it's open -> bearing with this F*****G Pop-Up again until I found a friend/someone in trade chat who wants it..


I don't know how to solve this other than stop playing.. (what I actually did..) Just started the game after some breaktime to be welcome by the reminder that I cannot use the full range of this game - playing sortie & looking into mods without getting annoyed by this F§$&"!G Window. Maybe I ask you to make it possible for me to waste some plat on riven mod slots (increase the limit omg!!) or maybe it's just that you gave us Adblock+ for our Warframe-UI (until you increase the limit at least) or maybe I just played this game for too long now and lost sense of reality and real problems in the world. Who knows?


Have a great day!


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I 100% agree, even though I don't have that many hours I already reached the riven cap and as my rivens are mostly for niche weapons such as the mutalist series weapons or severely powercreeped ones, and in my opinion rivens for the kitguns/zaws were a mistake, as they outclass most normal weapons by far, so why would anyone use a euphona riven if one has a better riven for the tombfinger, you can literally build a way better counterpart that gets a even bigger stat boost from the riven, I thought rivens were a way to make "unplayable" weapons viable but it just gets worse, I don't even want to imagine the situation with primary kitguns.

So kit/zaw rivens also allow for a huge variety of combination of choices as they are for modular weapons so counting them as 1 riven is also a stretch.

I think riven disposition/usability should also account to their drain on the riven amount. 

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The only thing I would agree with is the "adblock" idea. I had hit my cap (24 rivens) a few times and have zero interest in buying more slots. No reason to buy slots to keep 20 garbage rivens I don't even want or won't use. I end up just choosing a couple to dissolve for the minimal amount of endo. If only the riven transmuters dropped from the Teralyst and not just Hydrolyst. 

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vor 2 Minuten schrieb (PS4)Kamranos:

I’ve been playing for years... I get by just fine with the handful of Riven mods I have. I see no reason to need 90 rivens.

the Point is for YOU i have the same problem with just 90 slots and agree with el2fel in all points and there are alot more like us

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I so agree!!!!

I want more riven slots

Can I add Rivens have been the biggest reason I try out old weapons that I had just treated as Mastery fodder.

Rivens have given the game for me as a 4year vet another reason to go through and try things out. 


I do want uliminated Riven slots. 

I am cool if it cost plat to get more slots...I got tons of plat and rivens have become the only thing I feel interested in spending plat on.

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2 minutes ago, Dabnician said:
41 minutes ago, (XB1)Skippy575 said:

No, you do not NEED 90 rivens.


Actually, you do not NEED to bother with topic that ain't effect you.

But like I said before.. I play close to every weapon in this game and I guess there are more puking rabbits who do so and who are you to decide that it makes no sense to have a riven for every weapon in this game?

or better.. Since when there is anything in Warframe other than us using this game the way we want. You want to go tank, quick or stupid (4 dragon keys at once) you can mod for it and enjoy the game the way YOU want & that's what DE intended when they gave us this huge amount of gameideas in this mix of a game.. i guess

(Thanks for the quick reply guys :))


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29 minutes ago, AvPCelticPredator said:

Do u own all guns for all 90 rivens?

I own far more weapons than I have rivens. As I’m just waiting The the next update to hit MR26, I have at least used all and experimented with them to know which ones I’d feel worth keeping the Riven for. I can weed out the filler from the gems and keep it down to 20 rivens 

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Riven mods and the whole idea around it is a plague... I really hope DE will remove it completely some day... I'm also sure there is a very good reason not letting all of us having unlimited riven mods.

I'm not using any, and not even planning to use any in the future. I consider them as only instant plat boost from the market without even trying to reveal their secrets.
Only focusing on riven mods and telling they are the only reason to play the game after a certain amount of time is a shortsighted decision / view. It is just bullS#&$... The game has way more interesting stuff than riven mods and pure luck around those.

IMHO ofc. 🙂 We are all different... I just hope riven mod fans are less.. 😛

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Rivens are not needed in any content currently in the game or being created for the game in the future.

They are extra. Outside the game's balance. You don't need 90 Rivens unless you are hoarding them. They're in game to be used, not for suckering naive players out of Plat. Do you regularly use the weapon a Riven is for? Keep it. Think someone might want the Riven? Trade it. No update is ever going to make a bad Riven good, so bin the rest.

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2 hours ago, RatataBanana said:

Only focusing on riven mods and telling they are the only reason to play the game after a certain amount of time is a shortsighted decision

Or maybe the guy had done it all and maybe what's left for him is collecting Rivens? Maybe he simply enjoys it?


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WOW a topic that I decided to write about and actually can quickly find it using the search forums.

The original poster is correct with the request. If for no other reason, The ADVENT of Arbitration should move the developers to understand why people should really have more RIven slots. Specific weapons changing all the time. I want to have the best stats for every gun I own and find considerable enjoyment if building my arsenal. Clearly they are important enough that i have sacrificed my platinum to keep adding them. I think that  this process helps fund the game, unless I am mistaken. I want the game FUNDED because it is way better and more rewarding than going to  the movies.

A quick diversion, DO you remember the first time as a noob and then seeing someone who had wall to wall rivens. It was total awe!

Rest assured that I do have plenty more to say in this area, I have not yet read what all the other players said yet, and selfishly wanted to make my Main point and do it concisely with a little bit  of humanistic style without being tempted to turn the discussion to a particular expressed view of another.  Now, ill go get dirty and read other peoples thoughts.

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I am on the 90 cap for a long time now.I use all weapons and not just meta ones so I would like to own a good riven mods for each of them.I have often transmuted and dissolved rivens to free up space for more which I wouldn't normally do if we didnt have this cap.


None has mentioned the reason why this cap even exist and which DE mentioned more than once.That reason is problem they have with storing rivens data.

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Well i can say for myself i don't care for using the same weapons over and over and over.

But then i don't want to give up my Higher Tier Weapon Rivens just for variety of weapon use..

So I'm with @el2fel..

Mastery Rank shouldn't determine # of Rivens allowed. Owning the Weapon and having the Weapon Slot should.

There needs to be 1 Riven per weapon name allowed.

Then for overflow purposes, +4 Riven slots for Duplicate Weapon name Rivens/Vieled Rivens for Trade or Utility use.

Just because you own 1 weapon,(example Arca Plasmor) shouldn't determine your Vieled Riven to be a Arca Plasmor.. That's why there's the overflow. Once the overflow is filled you can't have a Vieled (ergo pop up message)..

A Weapon Slot cost plat right? A Riven slot for that weapon should cost plat..


The only issues i can see with only having +4 Riven Slots as overflow for duplicates and Vieled are:

- someone likes more than 1 weapon that uses 2 Riven slots for different builds.

- someone having a account with 90 Vieled Pistol/Melee/Rifle/Shotgun Rivens (example: for when Kitguns came out) 

Other than that if you get a BS Kraken Riven.. It can be allotted to the weapon for use or still available for trade with +4 Riven slots for duplicates or Vields.

Then if you wanted to Transmute Rivens.. You could Transmute the BS Rivens for another Riven. As long as there's a overflow slot available.

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Well, the only real limitation for Riven slots is database space in Warframe servers, so unless you can come up with some fancy and innovative ways to compress or store data in less space, there really isn't all that much to say on this topic; you'll get as many Riven slots as DE thinks they can spare.

Personally, I'm a little baffled DE decided to add a thing that could eat up so much data storage when it's just an extra thing glued onto the side of the game rather than a core mechanic.

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"fancy & innovative ways to compress or store data.." 

This may seem less of a fancy or innovative idea but.. they could just add some server space on demand like any other company in the world does when they haven't enough space & even less fancier: we pay them to do so. 

But tbh I'm not with you on the dataspace excuse. As far as I know there haven't anyone replied who knows about their way to compress data at all (yet)

Why should there be any special requirement to store riven mods? They should be saved/linked with our individual accounts and there are no difference between the stuff I got in my foundry/the builds on my warframes/weapons or riven mods. As far as I know there isn't a limitation to warframe/weapon slots either¿! / Do you think warframe server goes down the moment too many player decide to build every weapon & warframe in the game?

About the meaning of riven mods.. It is a core mechanic in this game. You don't want to play with riven on your weapons -> you are free to do

..but some of the people who ran out of things to do play Warframe to maximize their gear and farming kuva/wasting lifetime can be considered something "veterans" may do all the time plus.. if you visited trade chat lately you will know that riven mods sell for the highest prices (compared to anything else) and as long as ppl spend platin on riven mods the game stays funded.

I am not saying that you need Riven Mods for any content we got atm.. but.. yea :P

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exactly as above. I do not 'buy' the database space issue mentioned above however I would be willing to take some info from DE and work towards a solution or a way to link in or out for a solution. Every Problem has a solution.

I have five or six common use weapons that have more than one riven and they are each strategic in use now and could be more strategically used as the game evolves. All the other rivens the remaining 80 are just hanging around because you never know what weapon will be designated in an arbitration or what vital use it may someday have and that the weapon is definitely more fun and useful with that riven. However with kitguns and zaws you clearly may have a use for quite a few rivens since only a portion of a weapon determines the ultimate use of the weapon riven.

Another thought comes to mind though: And that is, will DE or do they plan to improve the riven concept with particular improvements of stats, such as beam weapon or secondary bonuses that are more weapon specific stats not currently involved in riven generation. AND on top of that I could actually see them incorporating peculiar things as a bonus stats or with a peculiar mod attached blah blah blah kind of future plans or even rivens that have an appearance only effect on weapons. Gotta go. Peace.

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