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Channeled ability shows wrong energy cost


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The energy cost on channeled abilities is displayed incorrectly. First I used maxed Streamline and Fleeting Expertise for maximum efficiency. It is a total of 190% efficiency but it's capped at 175% effective efficiency. When I then looked at the energy/s cost on Ember's "World on fire" it said "0.75". Then I switched to a Streamline which was one rank from max. This resulted in a max of 185% but still capped at 175% effective efficiency. This time, it said that the same ability cost "1.12" energy/s (I linked a video showing what I mean). I tried the same thing with Wukong and Inaros and I got the same result. 

This isn't how it's supposed to work. I have the same effective efficiency (and duration) but I still get diffrent results. This is most likely just a display bug and dosen't have any practical effect in-game. It could also just be a mistake on my part, if so, let me know.



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