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Bounty Fails Automatically - Orb Valis - Find the Solaris Camp


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So when doing a Tier-5 bounty on Orb Valis (Rotation B), I had failed the 2nd Stage (Finding all the dead solaris) by my own accord. Annoying, but fine, that was my fault. I restarted the bounty, and the 2nd time I reached that stage, I went to the camp, and the moment I entered it's proximity, the bounty failed. This was obviously quite frustrating, as I have to go do the bounty again. Hoping it was a one-off bug, I restarted the bounty and AGAIN upon entering the camps proximity, the bounty failed. I'm assuming it's got something to do with the game not resetting the bounty properly the last time I failed, but that's an assumption, I don't know how this game was made.

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