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Unable to use abilities, weapons, interact, revive after activating Operator


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I've encountered a bug 2 or 3 times so far (at least 2 of the instances occurred in non-alert defense missions- once on Sedna- Hydron and the other on Kuva Fortress- Tamu) where I am unable to use abilities, weapons, interact, revive or activate an item on my gear wheel after activating Operator mode. It seems to happen when I hit the operator button and ram into an object during the activation animation. I immediately swap back to my warframe's perspective (no operator incapacitation animation), but only have control of movement.

This time was unique as I was able to go back to where it happened and I found my operator.

Pictured below is me, from the perspective of my warframe in movement control of Loki staring at my operator who is running in place.  I attempted to fix the issue by bleeding out, but I was revived (this is probably the only time I'll complain about that xD ).


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