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Operator sliding sound


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How to reproduce: Enter Operator mode in any place, jump and then slide by pressing [Shift] or whatever key "Sprint" is assigned to

Expected result: No sound while still in air

Actual result: Game plays the sound of sliding over ground although the operator is still in the air

Not game-breaking, more quality of life, still annoying af. *insert sarcastic "literally unplayable"*

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3 hours ago, [DE]George said:

Thanks for the report, we'll take a look.

While you're in the realm of checking up on Operator sounds, I got something else you can take a listen to.

When tapping E to Void Blast while standing still in Operator Form (Default key for Void Blast), all you hear is the normal sound of Void Blast. If you're looking straight ahead and happen to be in the air, it makes the same sound.

However, when looking down during a Void Blast as if you were going to do a melee slam attack, a thunderous clap is heard. From what I can tell it is just being carried over from some of the melee sound changes that have been creeping out in these latest builds, but it's just odd to me because Operators don't have access to melee weapons currently.

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