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Kubrow Breeding -A Full Guide. (2018 edition)




Kubrow Breeding -A Full Guide.

Written by Morningstar999



Ever wanted to know how to breed a fluffy and beautiful companion? Thinking of getting into breeding for fun or for Grofit?!

Well this fully detailed guide designed for both beginners and experienced breeders will help you get to grips with all aspects of breeding!  


-Please note this guide does not go into details on what mods that can be used and the best ways to mod your kubrow, I recommend checking the Wiki for information on mods.


This guide is split into 9 sections for convenience, feel free to skip any steps you may already be clued up on.

1) The basics -making a kubrow, and taking prints

2) Caring for your kubrow and the Nutrio upgrade

3) Types of kubrow -including Helminth chargers   

4) Patterns

5) Colors

6) Builds and heights

7) how to combine prints and make rare kubrow

8 )Cosmetics and customization

9) tips on selling prints


 Alternatively you can see the full version in a google docs here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/19XbeJ2Pl92yJ8hy4JFF6EXIhFtzARdTa4CCD7TKMcqM/edit?usp=sharing


The basics -how to make a kubrow, and taking imprints!




You must finish the Howl of the kubrow quest before you can begin any breeding.

The quest requires you to incubate and make a kubrow, this will teach you the very basics making them however, we will recap this process now for those who are yet to do the quest or those who need some help remembering in what to do.


So you want to breed and raise kubrow either for mastery, to fight by your side in battle or for fun! Well first things first; you must obtain an egg!


Eggs are found from wild kubrow nests only on earth, (or you can buy one in the market for 10 platinum) They are easy enough to come across, I tend to find an egg in 1-5 runs of an exterminate or capture.

You need to destroy the nest in order for a chance for an egg to drop. Nests generally spawn with one or two close together and are scattered throughout the map, so you need to search each tile to find them, as they do not show up on the map. Once you have done this several times it’s easy enough to remember where the spawn locations tend to be.   

There is no longer any limit to how many eggs you can collect in a mission.




Once you have your egg you need a 'Power core'! in order to get one you can either buy one for 35 platinum in the market  or buy a reusable blueprint for 50,000 credits.

Building a power-core takes 8 hours (unless you rush it)




When you have both a powercore and an egg; you can finally begin incubating your egg!



At your incubator you simply click Begin incubation under the ' kubrow breeding' tab and then you can click either 'being random incubation' or 'begin combined incubation.’


Incubation takes two days, (or 24 hours If you have the Nutrio upgrade segment which can be obtained from the dojo) alternatively you can rush incubation for 15plat.   

Your puppy will then be ready to be named, the puppy will not move, deteriorate or be able to put into stasis until you name it.  


Once your puppy is named will be able to roam around your ship, and you will be able to interact with it. The kubrow may be kept as a puppy forever if you desire, however it can not go on missions and you can't take imprints until it is grown up. To mature a kubrow you simply click 'mature (kubrow name)' at the incubator. Once this is done you can not reverse it.  

You can rename a puppy or kubrow for 15plat at the incubator if you desire.

Adult kubrows also roam around the ship, however  you can only have one companion out at a time. (excluding robotic companions)


If you click 'random incubation' it is just that -you will get a completely random kubrow! That means its breed type (eg raska, chesa ect) will be random, what colours and pattern it will be is random as well as its body type and gender etc.


If you click 'begin combined incubation' you will need two imprints of any kubrow you want.

you can either pick two from the same kubrow or two different ones to try and combine things like colours or get a more desirable pattern etc.



Genetic Code Templates --Imprints:


To make the imprints of a kubrow you must first build or buy a genetic code template.




You can take imprints from an adult kubrow, this makes a 'copy' of that kubrow.

On the Imprints the following information is stored:


Fur pattern ( striped, lotus, merle etc)

Base Color  

Secondary Color

Tertiary Color

Body Build ( Skinny, Athletic or Bulky)

Eye and energy color

Breed: (Raksa, Chesa, Huras etc)

Height and gender are not stored on imprints, these are always randomly determined every time a kubrow is made, so using prints of a tall kubrow does not mean you will get a tall kubrow.


Caring for your kubrow and the Nutrio upgrade!


kubrow lose 10% (5% with the upgrade) of their 'genetic stability' a day, which lowers the amount of health it will have on a mission.

if a kubrow health becomes too low, it is automatically put into stasis. (previously kubrows used to die if you let their health get to -100% but they removed this ‘feature’ in update 22.12.)

In order to keep it healthy you need to give it DNA stabilizers, these can be brought at 6 to a pack for 75,000 credits. (or 5,000 credits if you have the upgrade)

one 'dose' restores 40% of its health.


If your kubrow falls during battle (and 'dies') it will return back to your ship, however if this happens more than once within a day, it will affect its loyalty, which in turn affects how much damage a kubrow does. Petting your kubrow will restore this, but only has effect up to three times a day.


If a kubrow is in stasis it will not lose health.





I highly recommend getting the upgrade segment from a dojo (or you can buy it in the market for 175plat) for your incubator, you have to be mastery rank 5 to be able to build it but it is a very good investment when breeding companions.




Getting the upgrade has the following effects:

Stasis recovery is instant and free

DNA stabilizers cost 5,000 credits instead of 75,000 credits

Egg incubation is reduced by a day

DNA Degradation is reduced from 10% a day to 5%



Types of kubrow -including Helminth chargers





There are currently five types/breeds of kubrow. Huras, Raksa, sahasa, sunika and chesa -each breed has a unique ability to help you in battle!


Each breed has a 20% chance to occur on a random incubation, or 100% chance if you use an imprint with a specific breed (or a 50/50 when mixing two breed types)


Below are the codex entries and some details of each breed:

-Huras tend to be the most popular, followed by Raksa and Sahasa.



Huras -- 'Prized for its ability to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, the Huras Kubrow were first used as hunting companions by the Orokin elite. Orokin Era Tenno soon adapted the strain for use in covert missions and assassinations.'

Huras is an excellent companion for stealth and spy missions, its main ability, stalk - is able to cloak you and itself when it is within 24m of an enemy. You will become visible again if you attack with a weapon but not with a warframe ability. Its effect is essentially the same as shade’s (the sentinel) ghost ability though many people claim Huras is more consistent with its ability to cloak.

Huras are also able to tackle and damage multiple targets.

Sahasa -- 'Enterprising Orokin genetic designers recognized that the Kubrow's affinity for games of fetch could be used for more serious endeavors. They soon developed a strain adept at reconnaissance and contraband recovery. Tenno often used the creatures to help resupply while in the field.'

Sahasas specialise in digging up a variety of things, primarily health orbs, energy orbs and ammo, but they are also able to dig up mods and things like life support Modules. However they can not dig up stuff whilst you or the kubrow is in combat.

Sahasas can also do finisher damage attacks.


Raska -- 'Designed by the Orokin to be the perfect companion, a Kubrow was never far from its master's side. Loyal and obedient, these creatures made ideal bodyguards. Equipped with shield generators for added protection, their fierce growl could paralyze any attacker with fear.'

Raska's howl ability is designed to scare away enemies for 16 seconds, much in the same way Necros can. Enemy movement is also reduced.It’s second power enables the kubrow to regenerate your shields by 300.


Sunika -- 'Once the value of Orokin guard-pets had been realized, it was not long after the Orokin guard began experimenting with strains designed for combat. These were no longer household pets but superior war animals bred for ferocity and aggression.'

sunikas specialists in taking down capture targets, and forces them to the ground ready for collection. It can also do finisher damage attacks.


Chesa -- 'This Kubrow will disarm adversaries and retrieve the spoils of battle.'

Chesa’s main ability is to fetch, pick up loot and bring it back to you. With the release of the fetch mod which can be used ton all companions, making chesa’s ability essentially useless, players are expecting chesas to be reworked and changed soon

Chesa can also disarm an enemy.



Helminth chargers An Infested pet bred from the Helminth Cyst

Helminth chargers can be made at an incubator from draining a cyst on an infected warframe into an egg at the incubator, you need a kubrow egg, a power core and a free stasis slot in order to do this.


A warframe can be infected by coming in contact with another infected warframe, although Nidus can be infected directly from the Helminth chair within your orbiter, (and Nidus is the first frame that started the infections to begin with) Though a frame can only be infected once.Six days after its appearance the cyst will be fully grown (a single tendril will be visible, emerging from the follicle) and ready to drain.


A charger incubates and ‘grows’ in the same way as a kubrow, however you can not take imprints from a Helminth charger.


Chargers have one body type and one pattern, colors height and gender are always randomly determined every time you make a charger. Chargers appear to use the same colors as kubrow.

All  kubrow and kavat colors can be used to customise a charger and they use the same armour as kubrow, they also have a couple of unique skin options.  


Chargers are mostly combat focused, it is able to drag and damage enemies, via a Proboscis along with a heavy charge attack.








There are currently 6 Natural patterns you breed, there is also a wide variety you can buy from the market but market patterns do not transfer on prints.


Bellow is the % chance of a pattern occurring from a random incubation. When mixing imprints this is 50/50 no matter what pattern is mixed. (unless it is the same pattern then it will be 100%)


Lotus pattern followed by merle are the most popular and rarest patterns.




Bellow is a series of pictures clearly detailing the pattern, how to Identify them and where each fur color slot ‘sits’ on the kubrow.

















Below is the chart of colours people commonly use to find out the colour of their kubrow.

There is no official ‘chart’, however all the colors are listed on the official Wiki.

Rare colours highlighted in red are most popular although Jupiter brown (orange) is growing in popularity due to its vibrant color.



(color chart by Arcmilla)


The best way to identify colours currently is by comparing it to the chart, comparing it to confirmed pictures of rare colored kubrow, or by asking a more experienced breeder for help.


You used to be able to 'copy main colours' in kubrow attachments but since kavats came out they removed that feature.




Making sure your ship color is white or black helps make fur colors clearer

some breeders also prefer to turn color correction off, as it makes the colors more flat.

Putting black on the other two fur slots (not the one you're trying to identify the color of) often makes the color stand out more obvious and thus easier for I.Ding

As many of the natural patterns blend the colors together, applying the Nexus fur pattern (which can only been obtained through baro ki'teer) or the Tigrol pattern (which can be brought from the market) can help you see the colors more clearly, as these patterns have very clear markings. The charger skin from the nidus deluxe pack gives you flat clean colors, and is a good alternative.

If you do not own the patterns, you can type the fur pattern name with brackets into the ingame chat (so [Tigrol fur pattern] for example) it will then preview the kubrow for you in that pattern, you have to have the kubow out of stasis in your ship in order for it to work.

(this works on all skins, including the Nidus one)

Never be afraid to ask another breeder for help! Most are more than willing to help Identify colors and encourage others to breed!

The more kubrow you look at the more easier it can become but beware even the most skilled breeder can mistake a common for a rare color. (rare blue is the hardest to identify)


Bellow is an example of all the rare colors on kubrow (except shadow grey, which generally is not desirable due to there being several common greys)  





I can help you I.D and evaluate your kubrows worth and colors on the thread below:





Eye/energy colours.

it is harder to I.D eye/energy colours since they removed the 'copy main colours' function but if you have the following emblems; ‘invati sekhara’,'ki'teer sekhara' or the 'Sevati Sekhara' emblem, attaching them to your kubrow means they will use the energy colour of your kubrow making it easy to see. (you attach them under 'appearance' and 'regalia' section)

If you don't have any of these you can generally see the kubrows eye colour on the imprints, though it can be pretty tricky to be 100% sure.  An alternative is to use the Helminth skin (from the nidus Deluxe bundle) which will show the energy color in the mouth and rib-cage etc.




no eye colour is rare and they have an equal chance of occurring, though some people tend to like energy that matches the fur colour of the kubrow.


-the red energy colour (or what people class as red) is in-fact an shade or orange there is no 'true' red.

Builds, and heights!



There are three different types of body build for kubrows!


Bulky build is generally most desirable, whilst skinny is generally considered ugly or worthless to a lot of people.  





Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between small athletic males and skinny kubrows, the easiest tell is to compare necks and chest, skinny kubrows are much thinner in this area.




Athletic kubrows are the only build to have differences in their gender, with females having extra fur on their legs and a slightly more curvy shape.








The most easiest to identify of the three builds, bulky kubrows have large wide chests.








Height is always random, no matter what size of kubrow prints you buy, people often try to charge for ‘omega’ (tallest height) kubrow which is simply not possible to pass on kubrow prints, only way to get a kubrow of the desired height is to keep re-breeding form prints of the kubrow until you get the height you want, this is all down to luck sadly.

In theory small kubrow are better during game-play as they have a smaller hitbox and so are harder for the enemy to hit, but people tend to want tall kubrow more.



Omega height example: (note the very top of the head goes above the bar listing the name/tools etc, and the ears just above the top of the Nutrio text)



Smallest height example:


How to combine prints and make rare kubrow



The most fun and profitable way for breeding kubrow is to mix them yourself. Whenever you mix prints it is 50/50 on what you get, so if you 100% want to ensure lotus pattern you must use lotus pattern. However generally the higher the gamble the higher the payout if luck is on your side.

For example a good way of a cheap gamble is to mix a cheap athletic common color lotus pattern with a bulky common pattern with one or two rare colors. If you are lucky you’ll get a bulky lotus with rare colors worth significantly more than, the value of the unmixed prints. (see ‘tips for selling for price advice)  


Generally when trying to make a triple rare, your best bet is to mix a double rare with another double rare ensuring there is a chance for a rare color in every slot.

(so mixing one with  rare colors in the primary and secondary slot and one with rare colors in the secondary and Tertiary slot for example)

Colors only stay in the same slot and do not move when mixing, so it you have gold in the primary slot, it will only stay in the primary slot when mixing and will not go to the tertiary slot for example.


Unfortunately there is no magic way in changing the 50/50 odds. It DOES NOT matter what slot you put what imprint in, and there's nothing you can do to narrow those odds.


There is a less than 2% chance that a new color or pattern will occur when mixing prints (never when using two from the same kubrow, only when mixing from two different kubrow) this is believed to be a glitch, where the system doesn’t read the templates correctly so fills in the gap with a random thing, but many long term breeders have experienced this at least once.   


Remember failed mixings can have their prints taken so you can use them for future breedings or be sold on to help cover any loss.


For the best profit do not rush making prints, incubating etc to save on plat, though many breeders I know can’t wait to see the result and will often rush the incubation to see their new puppy right away!  







Cosmetics and customization



If you don’t wish use natural colours or patterns there are many other colours and patterns you can buy from the marketplace for treasure or platinum to apply to your kubrow!

This includes some of the common colours you can breed normally plus extra ones you can’t! Once applied it can be changed at any time and does not transfer to the imprints you make. Imprints only store natural colours and patterns.

Store bought kavat colors can also be applied to kubrow (and vice versa) though kavat patterns and skins can not be applied to kubrow.

There is also Armour you can buy in the market for platinum to decorate your kubrow in! Amour does not alter your kubrows stats and is for fashion purposes only.




Tips on selling prints!



Bulky kubrow with rare colors and lotus or merle pattern are the most desirable therefore sell for the most. However other kubrow are good for mixing or just mastery.


Remember when selling its a free market, there are no official guides and you can charge however much you desire, But keep in mind many experienced breeders tend to prefer to use the below information as a good starting place to get a rough idea on what prints tend to sell for.


Never be afraid to ask a more experienced breeder for advice on price and color advice! many breeders are happy to help and want to see the breeding community grow and prosper/ By working together we all profit, have fun, and make beautiful kubrow!


Bellow is a detailed thread, which gives you a rough guide on prices, (PC focused) this was a collaborative effort written by myself with input several other experienced breeders!




For a quick look take a look at this handy chart I made!




I can evaluate the price of your kubrow on this thread:


Places to sell your imprints:

Here on the forum! (in the trading section)

On the kubrow and kavat breeders discord! https://discord.gg/w8uH4mF (also good for asking questions, and general companion chat)

On other general warframe discords.

On the kubrow facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/321512584651651/

On the ingame trade chat (though please note you can not link imprints in chat, and prices tend to vary more wildly in trade chat)

Ps4 and xbox have also their own trade groups on the console but I am unfamiliar with those, I suggest doing a search if your on consoles.



Am I missing something in this guide? Questions or comments? Please let me know!

if you found this helpful please leave a react, tell your friends and so on ^^


Useful links:

Kubrow and kavat breeders discord:


Warframe kubrow breeders on facebook:


Warframe kavat breeders on facebook:



Full kavat breeding guide (in the process of being reworked)



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9 hours ago, (NSW)splatzones said:

someone can help me with the quest stolen dreams on phobos, i suck with Spy missions and the data is top hard for me to hack,someone can help me with that ?


whats that gotta do with kubrow buddy? your best off asking in game in the chat so someones about at the time to help you. 

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So from your guide I assume it means my Huras is an Omega kubrow with stripe patterns. Is the additional patterned details normal for the striped patterns because it doesn't seem to be as detailed on the example given above. On my Sahasa is Bulky striped as well yes? 


Edit : Nevermind. Just realized I had the Nexus pattern on so it looks different.  The Sahasa is actually a mearle.

And just saw TS replying just as i'm typing this so 10p says he's going to mention that 😄

Thanks for the guide and clarifications.


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20 minutes ago, kambinks said:

So from your guide I assume it means my Huras is an Omega kubrow with stripe patterns. Is the additional patterned details normal for the striped patterns because it doesn't seem to be as detailed on the example given above. On my Sahasa is Bulky striped as well yes? 

Thanks for the guide and clarifications.


the huras looks to be one size smaller than omega.  it will tell you what pattern it is when you got to select a pattern.

stripe is sometimes hard to see as the stripes are small and can blend into the pattern quite a lot 

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11 minutes ago, morningstar999 said:

the huras looks to be one size smaller than omega.  it will tell you what pattern it is when you got to select a pattern.

stripe is sometimes hard to see as the stripes are small and can blend into the pattern quite a lot 

So both are Bulky? Cause the top head of the huras is above the bar listing the name and such.

Just checked. Hurras was patchy, the Sahasa is a merle. 

Thanks for the replies



Seems you're right. Its close but doesnt pass the bar ish thingy

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On 2018-12-19 at 3:38 AM, kambinks said:

So both are Bulky? Cause the top head of the huras is above the bar listing the name and such.

Just checked. Hurras was patchy, the Sahasa is a merle. 

Thanks for the replies



Seems you're right. Its close but doesnt pass the bar ish thingy

yes both are bulky build 

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On 2019-02-09 at 6:30 PM, morningstar999 said:

best way to tell height is whilst standing in the incubator  -omega have the  ears go past the text at the top 



I just checked everyone and only 2/5 fits the category. Looks like I'm in for some long re-incubating sessions. Thanks man, You've been a great help.

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