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Poor Ability Descriptions and a Mockup of a More Informative Description


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So, we've all seen Warframe's ability descriptions. If you haven't, I've included a image in the spoiler below to cover what I am talking about.



Several problems jump out immediately.

First, some information is completely hidden. In this example Freeze's interaction of destroying a Snowglobe or Snowglobe casting out enemies and dealing up to 50% enemy max health as finisher damage when they collide with walls. This is important information that can change how and why you use a ability, that is completely hidden. There's more examples but we will leave this for now.

Second, the information that is here does not have context. Avalanche tells me it has Armor Reduction, and some sort of Explosion Radius, but the description says nothing about this or how it happens. Likewise there's no mention of what "brief invulnerability to boost its strength" means or refers to for Snow Globe: players have to already be familiar with Rhino/Gara/Nezha/etc. to understand that it actually means enemy damage boost the Snow Globe's health.

Finally, scalings and caps are hidden so that a wiki is required to figure out how some abilities actually work. In this example Ice Wave's Angle is actually capped at 60° and Snow Globe scales with armor and power strength, but this information is not shown anywhere except the wiki.

This brings me to the mockup which aims to solve these issues.


The aim is to have all relevant information available. In this case, Freeze lists HOW it does damage, gives information on how Frozen enemies work and the hidden thaw part, gives information on the enviromental cold hazard, and informs the player that Snowglobe can be detonated and what said detonation does. Likewise things like Avalanche say exactly how they function and what those numbers mean: a player seeing this can easily understand that the enemies Avalanche freezes suffer from reduced armor and if they die while frozen while explode to deal additional damage.

Finally, mousing over a modifier would state what said modifier scales off of. In the image below, mousing over Snowglobe's health statistic informs the player that it scales off of Frost's Armor and Power Strength so that a player who wants Snow Globe health specifically knows what to build and look for.



The intention is to provide the relevant information a player needs and wants from a ability, when the player needs it, without requiring the player to leave for a 3rd party site. 

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