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Mature a Kavat



Hello! I have some questions regarding maturing a Kavat.

From what I learned from Wiki, once you mature a kavat, it will start its gene degradation. Which more or less means it "starts to die".

So if degradation by 10% a day, basically it will die after 10 days. So the questions are:

1) If I don't mature the Kavat, will its gene starts to degrade?

2) What makes Kavat a good companion compares to a sentinel which can literally live forever?

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1) No
2) Better mods and abilities, better survivability in missions in general.

Read more about them here https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kavat
And especially about Smeeta Kavat's Charm: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Charm

Also, it won't actually die, it'll go into Stasis. And you can counter the degradation quite easily (DNA item in market).

And you can get a Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment, which amongst other things will make:
Stasis Recovery now Instant.
Stasis Recovery now free.
After the upgrade segment is installed, the daily DNA degradation rate is reduced from 10% to 5%

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I'm not really sure why you wouldn't mature the Kavat. You can fix the gene degradation by using DNA Stabilizers, they restore 40% of the DNA integrity. If you run out of stabilizers, you can buy 6 DNA stabilizers for 5,000 credits or 75,000.

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If you keep it a kitten it will never degrade.  You wont be able to use a kavat/kubrow for combat as long as you have your kitten out though. 

Kavat dna degradation is not an issue.  It drops 5% a day.  You use stabilizers to repair them like 40% at a time.  Stabilizers are now dirt cheap 5k credits (or maybe only after you get the nuetrino upgrade for incubator from a dojo) It used to cost 75k!!   

Kavats come in two flavors.   Adarza which has the precept Cats Eye which grants your entire team Crit buffs whenever it activates....  and Smeeta which has the precept Charm which grants all kinds of crap from crits, to affainity gain, to giving you rare resources out of nowhere,  to doubling your resources that you get.   Charm is a VERY random skill.  It only goes off every so often and the affect it grants is random so its kinda hard to notice an overal improvement.  

As to why to use animals......... Kavats and Kubrows both made viable companions because of a cool mod called Hunter's Recovery + Pack Leader?  Basicly you can heal your pet by a % of its health from melee damage, and your pet can heal you based on a % of its damage to the enemy.  So you basicly heal each other non stop if you go melee and are pretty much immortal.   Animals used to be a little iffy on attacking people so sometimes they might not attack fast enough for you to ignore damage but they have made pets ay more aggressive i think...     The only reason to stick with sentinels was if you needed loot which at some point your supply outgrows your demand.  

Your on PC so I believe you have the best of both worlds now.   Your animals can also have fetch which is the same thing as sentinels vacuum.   Just have to figure out what mod to sacrifice to fit it in instead.

Sentinels are crappy in my opinion,  there is no reliable way for you to keep them healed,  medi-ray is a very crappy healing mod compared to hunters recovery.

I pretty much roll with a Smeeta so it can periodically double my affinity gain for focus schools.  I also like when it just hands me rare loot out of nowhere.  If I didnt need the charm precept I would probably use a Helminth kubrow....   I love some of the sentinels but they do not scale well or have the offense/defense as animals...  Wyrm + Deth Cube machine gun = awesome =(     Shade absolutely sucks.   Turn me invisable only when an enemy is CLOSE??   I should be invisable to all UNTIL they get close lol....  The mod is ass backwards.....

Djinn looks like it can have infinite revives now... and it has ground pound precept which pulls in nearby enemies... You definately have to re-skin it so that its not so f ing ugly but that pull precept + melee warframe sounds incredibly bad ass...  I just havent tried it yet.  Throw in infinite lives for it and Djinn sounds really bad ass....(but again, not so great at keeping you alive....)

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