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Please fix fishing


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1) Fish spawn in the ground and in the caves were there isn't much water to start with this is crazy...


2) Luminous dye doesn't work in caves when the fish are in the water or the glow from the water over powers it, can't tell which

3) Can't see cave hot spots (see #2?). I just throw bait and hope there is one. 9/10 times it works not every time...

4) Why are the fish unique items 1 to 1 when PoE fish give more the better tier it is?

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Hi Zelmeno,

re: 1) Topside, surface fish spawning under terrain/rocks is a known issue and a fix for that is in the works! Stay tuned.
Previous fixes went out to address Cave-fish spawning inside the cave walls/floors but it appears we missed something down there, your second image (ueksVTa.jpg), can you share what cave this was taken in?

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