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Conclave Question/ solved



How in the solar system am I supposed to change out my gear for the conclave? I'm stuck with a bare bones excalibur with just a crummy skana, no primary or even secondary weapon. It's hardly fair

EDIT Figured it out thanks everyone!

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Well you figured that one, but let me add onto your conclave experience ;

In the Relays (Social gathering places) you can find Teshin in quick travel.
He will sell you mods that are usable mostly only in conclave. ( like... 95% of them are only conclave ).
They'll make you more powerful or at least more efficient at doing what you want.

You can only unlock them after levelling up the conclave "standing" which is pretty much a rank you'll level up by playing.
I suggest giving him a look see if you can find yourself a goal.

He also sells skins and some low level warframes if you're into that.

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