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2 Achievements bugged


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Just wanna report that the 2 Steam achievements are bugged, namely The 8-fold Path & Joyride.



As for The 8-fold Path, I've tried it numerous times since my low MR times, but it just won't register. While Joyride registered at in-game Challenges, but won't unlock the achievement on Steam. Many thanks in advance.

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I've found out a difference between the 8 fold path achievement description and the actual completion mechanics. I've filled a bug report in the zendesk, too.


I've tried progressive variations several times (melee only in a party/solo, switching/not switching to operator, no pet/companion, etc.) and it seems the only way to unlock it is:

"Survive 8 waves of Defense in solo mode with a melee weapon equipped and performing purely melee attacks"

A companion can be present but without weapons. No abilities, no operator mode/actions. Bullet jump effects not tested.

So I suggest an update in the achievement description, or a check in its inner mechanics.

Hope this helps.

PS: the screenshot was taken after playing a mission where no ability were used, companion had no weapon, operator were not used and the primary weapon was equipped, but never shot. I.E. "using only melee attacks", but failed to unlock the achievement. After that, shotgun were unequipped, the rest of the gear and cautions were the same, then I succeeded.

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