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K-Drives: Community Custom Skins and Modular Dojo Skateparks/Air-parks


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DEAR TENNO!! (and D.E. too if you're reading),


K-Drives are one of the new additions to Warframe with the release of the Fortuna update.


D.E. has done a great job with the super fabulous hoverboards so far...so far...


Now, I for one, think being limited to three board, reactor, and jet types is okay if not a little constraining for now. bit what i would really like to have happen is for D.E. to post the reference models for Needlenose, Fatboys, step-10's, and so on; onto the Warframe Tennogen tool so that the community can build their own custom board shapes, reactor and jet styles, and energy trail styles/patterns.


now, for the dojo's,


The Dojo's can contain many things: Labs, Great Meeting Halls, lush gardens, dueling rooms, even an observatory and... The Obstacle Course!! now while the obstacle course is great for practice for foot travel, what I think the Dojo's are seriously lacking are obstacle courses for

K-Drives and possibly Arch-Wings too. now these two rooms being added to the game alone would be awesome. BUT, for the K-Drive, Arch-Wing, and EVEN THE ORIGINAL Obstacle Courses to truly shine they should be customizable with different jump, rail, obstacle, wall, and laser/swing weapon/boobie-trap MICRO TILES!!


A possible addition to this would be to give the Tenno clans access to tier course rooms. Which like the Great halls and living quarters, get bigger and bigger with each tier. This would allow for even bigger course builds like the Sheckler Skatepark IRL (https://www.flickr.com/photos/californiaskateparks/4310015793)


Uses could include:

-Fun or competitive freestyle riding/flying/running


-custom vault challenges (for those who want to go for the Stealthy Space Ninja, Ocean's 8, Payday 2 practice)


-Tileset clearing technique refinement and perfection (I for one have a hard time with some of the higher level and new Fortuna vaults on Spy missions in Warframe. So, to have the ability to rebuild those vaults in a course room in the Dojo for me and my clan or squad to practice and refine our coordination in would be really great. It would allow for the development of new vault tile sets and the development of memorized situational procedures among friends, squadmates, clanmates,etc.)


-AERIAL DOGFIGHTING WITH ARCH-WINGS (I Mean, come on, who doesn't want to fly around like a lunatic with their Arch-wing trying to blast or slice his or her friends and fellow Tenno out of the sky 😉 )



-Cyber "The Winged Swordsman"

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Okay first of all, your mass of bold text hurts my eyes a bit. 

Second, K-Drives have barely been out, its been 20 days since the release. I don't think that it would make sense for something to be made skins or TennoGen content for something new both in concept and creation. Obviously when it comes to new Warframes, those are self-explanatory to why those can be allowed for stuff to be made for them. Besides, I see something more like community created Scrawls to be first than custom skateboards. At least those can be a bit more universal and probably easy to implement. 

And third, Dojo concepts have nothing to do with TennoGen, so it feels a bit weird putting that along with the TennoGen K-Drive stuff. Also I believe DE already said that Dojo skateboards would be happening at some point in a Devstream. 

Not exactly trying to crush your dreams, but it seems a little too early to say TennoGen for the K-Drives are a good idea right now. I mean it would even feel weird to have something like Archwing, something that his been out longer that is not open for user generated content for them, but something that came out less than a month ago to be allowed for that. 

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