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Nintendo Switch Wish List


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(edited for clarity)
Heyyo Nintenno & Digital Extremes!

First of, I'm hopelessly in love with Warframe, after years of putting it off, I finally jumped in, and it's absolutely absorbing.  I'm having SO MUCH FUNNNNNN, and the port job done by Panic Button is easily one of their best (I played a ton of Doom 2016 and Rocket League on Switch).  I can't say how many hours I've sunken into this game already, but hey I just got to the Void and I am so so hyped to continue to play this game as updates come!

With that in mind, and having a huge sampling of what other games on the Switch are doing with user features and options, I have a tiny list of things I'd love to see in the future.  I need to stress that I'm not a game dev and I cannot begin to fathom the scope it takes to create, develop, test, and ship even tiny features.


  • Greater sensitivity for the Pro Controller's Gyro Aiming
    • There is a noticable difference between the sensitivity of JoyCon's gyro controls vs the Pro Controller.  Both controllers are designed differently, as I understand, but this is the first shooter I've played where the difference is really pronounced.  If it's possible, could DE or Panic Button look into this?
  • Allow additional commands to be mapped to the Abilities Menu
    • Given that it's really tough to map all the essential actions to the entirety of a Pro Controller/JoyCon, would it be possible to allow users to map additional commands to unused buttons while holding the Ability Menu button?  At the very least, the D-Pad isn't being used during this time, and that's an extra 4 buttons that could maybe hold stuff.
  • Allow users to create Settings, Graphics, and Control profiles for Docked and Portable play
    • Games like Splatoon 2 & 2016 offer the ability to have different controller profiles set up for Docked and Portable play, and I feel that those games give me the ability to customize for those unique settings (those Joycons aren't the most precise joysticks in the world).  I think it would be rad if there could be addition optional features like UI scale, graphics adjustments, etc etc that could be set for Portable play.


      Thank you so much, DE & Panic Button!
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