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POE & Fortuna Release Labels (Riddle?)


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3 hours ago, peterc3 said:

The Eidolons were the focus of PoE and everything else in it is really set around them.

The people in Fortuna are the focus of Fortuna and Orb Vallis is where you do things for them.

I think with Orbs of Vallis the"Orbs" are the Spiders?

Or maybe the Coolant Towers?

Or maybe the ships in orbit of Venus we haven't seen yet?

Still the focus is on the town as oppose to the map..

So maybe the next Update will be called Orbs of Vallis because there's content that hasn't been released yet.

Hmmm.. what about the Orbs in the Void? What's that got to do with Vallis and the Orokin Dig Site?


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