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Mirage's Slight of Hand vs Coil Drives Bounties


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Repeatable bug some friends and I found while running Orb Vallis Bounties involving Mirage.  If you lay down Slight of Hand orbs on the ground in the path of Coil Drive it screws with that pathing. Sometimes is just makes the vehicle drunkenly swerve around the orbs getting to the trap, while other times it will cause the vehicle to hop off the path and stop it from ever reaching the trap. Objective still reads "Wait for it to reach the trap". You can hack it and start the timer but no enemies will spawn and the timer finishes without completing the objective breaking bounty progression.


We had our fun with it since release but figured we'd report the issue. tested over different players and locations. it's especially fun to watch at the 3 way crossing where the coil drive makes the turn and then does a 180 to get on the correct road to set off the trap. 

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