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Ash ability suggestions in the form of Hotfix Notes


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My Idea's for the perfect hotfix to Ash's abilities:



SHURIKEN: Functions normally with added feature of:

1) Added a new third Shuriken that fires in a straight fixed line. (effectively where you aim at). Visually this is a bigger Shuriken than
the 2 old homing Shurikens and the new Shuriken has innate 2.1 punch through. [Seeking Shuriken] will only Strip Armor of first two Enemies.  
The 2 old shurikens functions normally (because they have a mind of their own, pesky little rebels they are!). However,[Seeking Shuriken]
is only applied to the New Bigger Shuriken. (hey! Bigger is Better Mkay!).     

2) Visually updated on how the Shurikens animate with new particle effects, A lot fancier looking now, especially the big one!   

COST 25 Energy

SMOKE SCREEN: Functions normally, but removed stun effects, with added feature of:
1) Smoke Screen now Knockdown Cautious & Alerted Enemies. Unaware Enemies are not affected. Good for keeping Stealth.    

2) Ash is able to recast Smoke Screen (without triggering another Invisibility, just Knockdown.) for another 10 Energy.
Can only recast once within Invisibility time frame. Double tapping Smoke Screen twice to instantly trigger Smoke Screen
again will make Alerted|Cautious Enemies stay Knockdown on the floor for a duration of 3s. (Alerted|Cautious Enemies are Knockdown only
once by double tapping.)       
COST 35 Energy | COST 10 Energy for another Single Recast

TELEPORT : Added 10m Range to Teleport. Functions normally with added feature of:

1) Ash is immune to Knockdowns for 7s. (Duration refreshed every Teleport. Duration Mod does no effect.)  

2) +50% range to Dagger|Claw weapons, +30% range to Nikana|Scythe|Tonfa weapons for 10s. (Max 215%) (Duration refreshed every Teleport.
Duration Mod does no effect.)   

COST 30 Energy   


* 3 things happen when entering BSMode: Death Aura|X-Ray Vision|Upkeep (more on Upkeep in (3a)).

1) DEATH AURA. Initial cast entering BSMode creates an Aura around Ash in a fix 25m radius which automatically mark enemies by 1 mark.
Death Aura has a Duration of 3s (Death Aura always mark enemies by 1 mark no matter how long they stay in the Aura.)
(Duration mod has no effects). Then (you can continue marking enemies as usual and add more markings to those you already marked with Death Aura,
or not. Your choice. Ninja's choice.) Then press 4 again to unleash clone attacks.

If you feel depressed, Hold Down 4 to cancel BSMode. All energy refunded as usual including Upkeep (more on Upkeep in (3a)). Nyum!  

2) Added a third Clone to BladeStorm attacks.  

3) Ash have X-RAY VISION (XRV) in BSMode. Ash is able to see enemies through walls & objects, above & below levels and effectively marking these enemies.
XRV has a range of 25m Radius view|10m Above & Below view. (Range mod does no effect). In XRV, Enemies are seen as how we would with Synthesis Scanner
with red wire-frames. Ash cannot teleport to Highlighted enemies. (you kidding right? hes gonna get stuck in walls and fall off the map!).

  *XRV will NOT be activated below 150 Energy. However, you are able to enter BSMode with Energy equivalent to 1 mark (non invisible).

  3a) UPKEEP (is a mechanic where x Energy is deducted & maintained in order for certain skill to work. Effectively x Energy is locked down and can't be used.)
  XRV uses 50 Energy as Upkeep during BSMode. Energy will be refunded once BSMode ends either by execution or cancellation. (Efficiency mod will NOT reduce Upkeep.)  

  *If Energy is at Full with Upkeep, refunded Upkeep Energy will add to Ash's maxed Energy Pool for 30s.

  3b) Question! Can you hit Enemies with Shurikens during XRV? Yes.     
  3c) Question! How about Weapons? YES! You can shoot XRV Enemies using Primary|Secondary weapons that has sufficient Punch Through.      
  3d) Question! No more Questions! I'm tired!.  
4) Added A new exciting Ninja-Sound-FX upon entering BSMode. Ding! Jk.  
  *An important mechanic to note, whenever there is sufficient energy, Ash is able to enter BSMode. Which means you can get
into BladeStorm Mode again even though your clones are still out doing your dirty work! (goodbye skill-in-use cancer. XD)
This will help greatly for those who love Opt-In BS (that one guy and his cat) and there's a reason why.  

Here is a reason why: Opt-In BladeStorm via Teleport gives Ash 50 Energy and drops 1x 50 Energy Blue Orb.
This will make Opt-In BS a more beneficial action rather than just being a nostalgic memento. Touchy!




3x Shuriken.

Knockdown Smoke Screen & Recast-able.

+10m Teleport Range with Knockdown Immunity.
Teleport makes Ash handle certain weapons with better Range.

Death Aura to help with marking enemies.
X-Ray Vision for extra edge on marking enemies.
BS Opt-In Benefit.



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20 hours ago, (PS4)Crackle2012 said:

Changed the title of this to "Ash ability suggestions in the form of Hotfix Notes" to avoid people getting confused / thinking this is an actual hotfix!

sure np. but why would we have a Hotfix notes in the feedback section in the first place? lol

lol I thought people would "get it" I guess not. meh. 

but it's great to know people are excited for the changes so that tells me I have something here XD. 

Anyways I'll still apologies to those who uhm .."fell" for it, not my intention to cause confusion. but then again, its a feedback section. so yeah.  

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