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Bounce Buff Please


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Well, I think I am the only one who uses bounce for a non-troll legit purpose, to get around. After playing excalibur some, I almost like him better than Vauban. Why? His super jump is higher and cheaper than Bounce. Bounce at max rank should bounce a player as high as a max Super Jump, and because Bounce has multiple uses, it should still cost more energy, but less than it currently does. 15 or 20 energy is acceptable imo. 


Please DE, make Bounce actually bounce a player as high as Super Jump and make it be cheaper, or I may be ditching Vauban for Excalibur because of Vauban's recent nerfs. 

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People use bounce on Warframes?


I always see 1058150815 put up on a cryopod at odd angles in infested defense..


*not joking*

I see no reason bounce should be every way shape and form better then Excal's Super Jump. I mean, he can't aim it, he can't kill enemies with it directly, and he can't let allies use it, so shouldn't he have the higher bounce?


Sorry, it's only fair to me.

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