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WTF is this Tonkor Masterace NERF ?


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:blush: Tonkor used to be a braindead nuker so I'm fine with DE nerfing it a long time ago, but I remember back then at least Tonkor's grenade still worked after the nerf : If it hits an enemy, it explodes;  if it hits a wall or sth, it bounces off, which is perfect. 

Now ? The grenade just bounces off whatever it hits ! You shoot an enemy and the grenade bounces off toward you and BOOM ! YOU CALL THAT A WEAPON ? 

:thumbdown:This is bad and stupid, please revert this change whether it's a bug or an intentional nerf.

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It's bugged and it's been that way for at least 2 months:



I guess if you balance the weapon so hard that barely anyone uses it after, it then makes a good excuse to roll your eyes and sit in the spreading fire thinking this is fine.


P.s. all they had to do is raising the MR and crafting requirements for the gun (just a reminder that Tonkor is a market weapon while Ogris is a clan-tech one and costed more than Tonkor to craft on top of being a very inferior weapon before the weapons rebalance) without touching its stats (mechanics change would work). Instead, they ended up overnerfing it to the ground

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