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The Sad Companion.


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Later to see the news of Riven 2.0 TO BE WORST....im sad.

Happy Companions : Dogs (Kubrow) & Cats (Kavats & Venari) & Dog With Space Herpes (Helminth)

Sad Companions : Sentinels & Moas.

Later to see the news of EVIL CEPHALON SAMODEUS has removed SENTINEL RIVENS FOR GOOD REASON.......Bad reason for me 😞

Now the players has sentinel riven mods has now BRUTAL PRICE...Most brutal price is Artax i dont know WHY ?

Artax its WORST Sentinel weapon but now have Cryota the Generic Artax with 35% Status.

Now Why weapon use on your favorite Moa or Sentinel ?

Vulclok ? Vulcax ?....NO...NEVER...But not have Options..

Meanwhile now Cats & Dogs can use Corrosive or Viral against enemies but Yay 8 FORMA on my URGLY DOG or CAT Build.


So thats it...be happy with your Kavats & Kubrows.

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