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You know, I was patiently waiting and bought a Switch with the purpose of playing Warframe on it.

Now that it's out, I've migrated my account from the PC, but I think that was a huuge mistake.

I have no rivens, there are slots unfilled on my arsenal, there are "no players" to do the sorties...

To be honest, after having 2k hours on the PC, I thought I'd put in more on the Switch due to the portability. But if I'm migrating my account, what I have on the pc does not update on the switch and vice versa, I feel like I should have been warned bout all this.

If I that I'd have no rivens and most of the weapons, I'd start fresh..

DE, is there anyway to delete the account portability? I'd rather start again, than having migrated but not having whats important there...

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