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i miss rivens


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I can't exactly put an exact time, but ever since the Fortuna content hit, I think maybe one melee riven dropped for me while before that, pretty much throughout the summer, riven mods dropped quite nicely. Is the drop chance of riven mods affected by MR standing, because before that it kept raining riven mods so much it kept filling up my riven slots, now I barely get any other rewards than Anasa sculptures, kuva, affinity boosters, or raw endo. Mostly it's just anasa. Most people do sorties for rivens or legendary cores, since the rest is either affordable in the market or farmable. It's pretty pointless to do sorties if there are no rivens dropping. Anyone else having the same problem? I really want to farm for rivens, since I don't have a thousand plat to get a lanka riven. Thoughts? Also if it's just everyone being extremely unlucky lately, perhaps could we get a harder sortie difficulty where we COULD actually get rivens at a higher rate? Like instead of lvl 60-80 content, it'd be 80-100, or above.

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It's not just RNG, something changed. -.-' I am not that much of a nab. Others noticed it too.

It was either the update with arbitrations or the one with fortuna, but something killed riven farming for many, not just me.

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