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Vox Solaris Bug, no progress possible


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hey folks,

i can`t progress the vox solaris quest on fortuna anymore. i want to go "outside" to do the vox solaris quest,  but it says that i have to complete vox solaris in order to actually go outside, its locked.

i started the quest and talked to thursby and went outside the first time without problem, then i collected the 3 crates and went further on mission but aborted the mission because further in the enemies were to OP, so i aborted mission or left with esc...i dont know for sure anymore. but the problem is now, that i cant talk to thursby anymore, there is no "pushing "x" key" to interact with. i also cant interact with eudico anymore and last but not least i cant go oustide anymore because its blocked with the hint that i have to complete the vox solaris mission in order to be able to go outside, yieah, but outside the mission is...please help!

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