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Blowing off the lids of kitgunning - dismantle existing weapons to scavenge a component


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So I just had this idea that should come by down the line. 

A player should be able to disassemble a weapon - any weapon - to scavenge for parts. 


Simple. The are a ton of weapons released already, that have unique features that the player might like, but have otherwise bad stats.

So they end up relegated to the "Mastery fodder" pile. 


My proposal is to make it possible to disassemble one additional weapon every two weeks. There should be an initial release of 6-12 weapons at the launch of the feature though, to provide something meaty to chew on. 

This provides a constant, not overwhelming stream of weapons to be revisited/scavenged, and provides developers a window to design the components of each weapon (as in balance the stats). 

Initially only secondary weapons will become dissassembleableblablable, or dismantleblablableable, or scaven ... you got it. 

Down the line primary weapons will be kitgunneable for sure, Don't know if in Fortuna or another open area, but primaries can be held off until then.

Prime weapons will NOT be subject to this mechanic initially, until there is a way to mesh Prime (superior) technology with modern (inferior) technology, or a better domain of the ancient Orokin tech.

Like rediscovering the Captain Vor defunct science experiments which allowed for the creation of the Seer Pistol (wink, wink).


Depends on the weapon really, but ideally every weapon should be able to provide at least 2-3 components. The player would have to choose a single component to harvest from each dismantled weapon:

1) a chamber to replicate the firing mode and damage type.

2) A secondary fire mode or unique feature, at least for the weapons that have them. It then becomes possible to uplift those unique weapon traits in a component to be reused in a weapon with different stats. 

3) The weapon's mesh. Yes! It should be possible to reuse the weapon's mesh and cram a run-of-the-mill kitgun inside a Tysis frame, for instance. It looks and smells like a TYsis, but is really a rattleguts.


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The player must have reached mastery level 30 on the weapon s|he wants to disassemble, to represent the understanding of the weapon's mechanics. 

This is just a Codex check however. The actual weapon in the inventory being subjected to dissecation does not have to be leveled up. 


Widening the options to create Kitguns and Zaws with the ability of dismantling old weapons for parts would become Weaponception 2.0 (remember the Tiberon and Panthera?).



AKIMBO WEAPONS: Ability to extract a Link. Different weapons would provide links with modifiers for different stats.


STUG CHAMBER - Fires Corrosive blobs that stick to surfaces and enemies and explode. Blobs stack up to 6 times for increased damage. Remember when Stug was meta? Pepperidge farm remembers.

CHARGED SHOT - Uses up 6 ammo to fire a single charged shot.

STUG HULL - extract the Stug's mesh to apply to any other Kitgun. Useable on other semi-auto projectile weapons.


AKSOMATI CHAMBER - full-auto, high slash with spool-up fire rate.

AKSOMATI LINK - High crit multiplier, increased ammo carry capacity

AKSOMATI HULL - Useable on other automatic akimbo weapons


ATOMOS CHAMBER - Heat-based Beam that reflects on nearby enemies up to 7 meters, up to 3 times (max 4 targets). Damage ramps up.

ATOMOS HULL - Best megaman-styled weapon in-game. Useable on other beam weapons.

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